Reports in Partner

Training Videos

  • Run Partner SRS Reports

    7 minutes • 2014
    Watch this video to learn about Partner's SRS report engine. You'll learn how to open SRS, find reports, adjust criteria, and export results for use in a spreadsheet.

Get Started

  • Quickstart: Run a Partner Report

    The following procedure will teach you how to run a Partner report program, select options, choose an output destination, view a report on your screen, and print it.

Learn More

  • Partner Epidemic: Find Patients Who Are Missing Immunizations

    The Epidemic Prevention program creates a list of patients who are not up-to-date with their immunizations. While creating this list, you can specify the immunization and age group you wish to search. You can also filter the output by patient status flag (to remove inactive patients from your search) and limit by sex. Optionally, you can limit your list further by using the Patient Recaller program as a filter.
  • Work with Partner Report Options and Criteria

    Most report programs begin with a screen of options that will define and restrict the report's output. The default settings on the options screen may give you exactly the report you want. If not, you can make changes that will limit the report's results or format the output.
  • Report Destination Selection

    Most Partner reports can be viewed on your computer screen or sent to a printer. Some reports can also be e-mailed to your Partner e-mail account or saved to a file.
  • Find a Report

    Where are Partner's reports? They are located in different windows and screens, depending on their subject and purpose. To find Partner reports, look in the following locations:
  • Interactive Reports

    Some reports allow you to expand their output to view more information, and they provide function keys to jump directly into other Partner programs. These interactive reports are very powerful. For example, the Insurance Accounts Receivable Detail (inscoar) report can show you detailed visit information for all accounts that have a balance pending Aetna that is over 90 days old. If you run the report in "Interactive" mode, you can jump into more visit details, examine the account history, generate a new claim to Aetna, and make corrections, all without leaving the report!
  • Reporting in Partner

    Partner's accurate and diverse reporting capabilities can help you with time management, inventory planning, insurance contract negotiations, and financial planning. When you combine all of the different reports in Partner, including different criteria and formatting options, thousands of reports are possible.
  • SRS: Partner’s Report Engine

    The Smart Report Suite (srs) is a report library in Partner. srs contains dozens of powerful reports, all with a consistent interface. If you learn to run one srs report, you will have learned to run them all.
  • Advanced Criteria Screens

    Many Partner reports have options on the initial screen that will cause other configuration screens to appear before the report output is generated. With these options, you can include or exclude large amounts of report data and make a report more useful. The main option screen asks a criteria question, and the subsequent screens ask the user to fine-tune that criteria.
  • Viewing Report Output on the Screen

    Partner reports appear on the screen either as plain text or through a standard Partner interface.
  • Export Partner SRS Results to a Spreadsheet

    You or your practice's accountant may use financial data from Partner to analyze profits and make policy decisions for the future of your practice. srs can produce thousands of different reports, but you may wish to export those reports to another program, such as a spreadsheet, in order to make graphs or combine the numbers with other information.
  • ARRA Report

    The ARRA report calculates Medicaid plan utilization at your practice. You can use it to see the percentage of patient visits that are medicaid or medicaid eligible, broken out by physician. This report is designed to help your office determine if you may qualify for the ARRA incentive program. You can run the report from a command prompt or from a custom Partner window location.
  • Partner Report Catalog
    • Partner Report Catalog

      Partner includes a wide range of reports as well as a report generator for creating custom reports.
    • Partner Configuration Reports

      If you are the Partner System Administrator for your office, you may need to organize insurance and provider groups, change which procedures and diagnoses appear on charge screens, and resolve problems with immunization configuration. PCC's support team can help you with all of these tasks, but the reports below may help you resolve the problem yourself. The reports in this category help you understand how your Partner programs are configured.
    • Demographic Reports

      When you need patient or account statistics or a list of patients based on a specific set of criteria, the demographic reports below will help. These reports can be used for long-term strategic planning, recalling patients for physicals, and understanding patient age distribution at your practice.
    • Financial Reports

      The largest category of Partner reports is financial reporting. Partner has hundreds of different reports that help you track charges and payments and report on your practice's overall financial health. Popular reports include ira, inscoar, and deposit. Two year ago, PCC added the Smart Report Suite (srs) to Partner which greatly expanded its financial reporting capability.
    • Clinical Reports

      Reports that count visit ratios and analyze what procedures you perform can be useful for making practice-planning decisions, but Partner also has a number of reports with a more clinical or medical focus.