The Rx Queue: Alternate Prescribing Workflows

Use the Rx Queue in PCC EHR to process and sign renewal requests, Provider Agent prescriptions, and pending prescriptions. The Rx Queue is a one-stop task queue for alternate prescribing workflows.

Watch a Video: You can learn about the topics in this help article by watching PCC eRx – Process Prescriptions on the Rx Queue

What’s an “Alternate Prescribing Workflow”?

A prescriber can create and send a prescription in PCC eRx inside a patient’s chart. (Watch a Video, Read a Help Article)

But what about prescription renewals sent from pharmacies? And if a prescriber is a Provider Agent, where can the supervising physician review and sign their prescriptions? Where do you handle prescriptions created by staff members who are authorized to create prescriptions, but not send them? And what if you created a prescription, but forgot to send it?

Use the Rx Queue in PCC EHR to work with alternate prescription workflows. You can quickly respond to renewal requests, sign agent prescriptions, and finalize pending prescriptions.

Use the Rx Queue to Review Renewal Requests, Agent Prescriptions, and Pending Prescriptions

Click on the Rx Queue tab to view prescriptions that may need your attention.

On the queue, you will see up to three sections: Renewal Requests, Agent Prescriptions, and Pending Prescriptions. In each section, you will see a list of patient prescriptions that require attention.

Where Do Rx Queue Prescriptions Come From?: Where does each type of prescription come from? Renewal Requests are initiated by pharmacies. Agent Prescriptions are created by PCC EHR users at your practice who are authorized to create and send prescriptions, but need final approval. Pending Prescriptions were created by someone at your practice, but have not yet been finalized and sent.

I Can't See My Rx Queue! Where Is It?: If you can’t see the Rx Queue, then your PCC EHR user account has not been configured for PCC eRx. Speak with your practice administrator, or contact PCC Support for help. You can read the Set Up PCC eRx User Accounts article to learn more.

Process a Prescription or Open the Patient Chart

On the Rx Queue, you can take action. You can review prescriptions, make selections, and approve and sign the renewal, agent, or pending prescriptions.

At any time, you can click on a patient name to open their chart and review more information. The patient’s chart will open, and the associated encounter chart note will also open so you can review it easily.

While you view the patient’s chart, you can open the PCC eRx chart section to work with medications. A special Rx Queue inside the patient’s chart will list all renewal, agent, or pending prescriptions for that patient. You can approve and process the prescriptions in the chart, or close the chart and return to the full list on the Rx Queue.

Delete a Prescription on the Rx Queue

If a prescription was created in error, how do you delete it?

First, click on the patient’s name to open their chart.

Next, visit the Review and Sign component and click the red pencil icon to edit the prescription.

Finally, click “Delete”.

Handle Unmatched Pharmacy Renewal Requests

If a pharmacy sends you a renewal request for a patient that PCC EHR does not recognize, you can either search for the patient’s record and approve the prescription, or deny the prescription and create a new one for the patient.

When PCC eRx can not find a matching patient chart, the name header appears in orange with red text. You may see a “## Potential Matches” next to their name, which means PCC EHR has found patients with similar names.

Click on the patient’s name header and pick from the list of potential matches. You can also search for a different name.

Once you have found and selected a matching patient, the Renewal request will appear on the Rx Queue for approval or denial with the matched patient’s name (your name for the patient). You can proceed as usual to approve or deny the request.

What If a Staff Member Prints a Prescription for the Prescriber to Sign?

If a member of your clinical staff or a Provider Agent prints a prescription for a prescriber to sign and approve, the prescription is considered complete and sent. You will not need to review that prescription on the Rx Queue, for example.

If your practice wishes for those prescriptions to also appear in the Provider Agent or Pending Prescriptions sections on the Rx Queue, PCC can change that setting for your practice.

Other Special Features of the Rx Queue

  • Customize For Your Workflow: At the bottom of the queue, you can filter by Task, Location, and Prescriber, in order to see just the prescriptions that pertain to you or that you need to take action on.

  • Rx Queue Counter: You can see the number of outstanding prescription tasks right on the queue.

    The task count pays attention to your filters, so the number can always represent prescriptions that need your attention.

  • Reassign a Pending Prescription to Yourself: Did another prescriber create a new prescription, but not send it? You can approve and send the prescription and become the prescriber. When you click to approve the prescription, PCC eRx will ask you to confirm reassignment.

  • Select All: You can click the “Select All” checkbox to select all renewal requests or agent prescriptions and approve them quickly. (Pending prescriptions must be signed individually.)

  • Last modified: May 31, 2017