Look Up and Import Patient Immunization Records from Your Local Registry

If your practice is located in a state or municipality that has a bidirectional immunization registry interface with PCC, you can look up and import patient vaccine histories from the registry without ever leaving PCC EHR.

Contact PCC Support if you are interested in using this feature once it becomes available in your area.

Watch the Video: Watch this video to learn how to check the registry for updates to your patient’s immunization record and import them into PCC EHR.

Get Started with Bidirectional Immunizations

A bidirectional immunization registry interface lets you see and import your patient’s immunization registry records without ever leaving PCC EHR.

Because each immunization registry has unique specifications and not all registries offer bidirectional functionality, bidirectional interfaces are only available with certain registries.

Contact PCC Support to learn if your office is eligible to establish bidirectional exchange with your local immunization registry.

If a connection is available right away, you will work with an implementation specialist to get the interface up and running. If a connection cannot be established right away, PCC will take note of your interest and let you know whether we expect to establish an interface with your registry in the future.

Retrieve and Import Patient Immunizations from the Registry

Once your practice has been configured for bidirectional exchange with your local immunization registry, you can begin using the Retrieve Immunizations feature to look up patients’ vaccine histories in the registry and import them into PCC EHR.

Open Your Patient’s Immunization History

Go to the patient’s Immunization History in PCC EHR.

You can get to the Immunization History from the History section of the patient’s chart or within the Immunizations component if you’re in a visit protocol.

Click the “Retrieve Imms” Button

Click the “Retrieve Imms” button to request the patient’s immunization history from your state registry.

Confirm the Patient Match

Use the demographic comparison in the “Retrieve Immunizations” window to confirm that the registry found the right patient.

Click “Next” to view the patient’s vaccine history.

You Can Only Proceed with a Unique Patient Match: If the registry finds several possible matches for your patient or finds no exact matches you will not be able to retrieve the patient’s vaccine history from the registry within PCC EHR. Close the Retrieve Immunizations window and try looking up the patient’s vaccine history directly on the registry website.

Review the Information Sent by the Registry

Review the vaccine history from the registry. Dates that are already in the patient’s chart appear in a black font, while new dates appear in an orange font. You can decide what to do with the new dates on the next screen.

Click “Next” to begin importing new information from the registry into PCC EHR.

Immunization Registry Forecasting and Disease Data: Some registries send vaccine forecasting and/or vaccine-preventable disease data in addition to the patient’s vaccine history. You can view this information if the registry sends it, but you cannot import it into PCC EHR.

How Does PCC EHR Determine if a Vaccine is Already in the Patient's History?: For each immunization reported by the registry, PCC EHR checks to see if the associated CVX code and date already exist in the patient’s chart. If a registry immunization is reported with an NDC or CPT code instead of a CVX, PCC EHR attempts to convert it to CVX according to CDC guidelines before checking for an equivalent immunization in PCC EHR. If PCC EHR cannot convert a registry immunization to CVX, the immunization cannot be imported.

Import New Vaccine Dates from the Registry into PCC EHR

Check the box beside the immunizations and dates you wish to import into the patient’s PCC EHR record. You can only import new entries from the registry; entries that already exist in the EHR are excluded from the import window, even if they have a different status in the registry than what is recorded in PCC EHR.

Once selected, immunizations from the registry are automatically mapped by CVX code to their equivalents in the EHR.

If a registry immunization has several equivalents in the EHR, all of the options are presented in a drop-down field in the import window. Review the options and manually select one to use for the import.

Sometimes new entries from the registry use CVX codes that are not configured in your PCC system. You must add the missing CVX codes to your immunization configuration in order to import these entries. Contact PCC Support if you need help adding CVX codes to your immunization configuration.

Once you have selected and mapped the immunizations you plan to import from the registry, click the “Import” button.

The information imports into PCC EHR and the Retrieve Immunization window closes on its own.

View and Edit Imported Entries in the Patient’s Immunization History

Information imported from the registry appears immediately in the patient’s Immunization History in PCC EHR.

You can view details about the immunizations imported from the registry by editing the patient’s Immunization History.

Historic immunizations imported from the registry are recorded in the patient’s chart with the source “Historical Record from Other Registry”. The imported entries can also include information about the vaccine dose, lot number, site, route, and funding source.

  • Last modified: July 22, 2021