Triage a Phone Call

Training Videos

  • Phone Notes and Tasks

    10 minutes • 2014
    The Phone Encounter Notes program (pen) is a powerful tool for handling patient phone calls. While you are on the phone with a patient, this software allows you to view patient information, record notes from the call, and perform many other useful functions.

Get Started

  • Create a Phone Note

    When the phone rings, follow this procedure to enter a new phone note in a patient's chart and (optionally) create a follow-up phone note task.

Learn More

  • pocketPCC and Pocket Partner Integration

    If you use PCC's Pocket Partner software on your Apple iPhone or other mobile device, you can create notes that will appear on PCC EHR's Phone Notes screen.
  • Review Patient Phone Note History

    A phone note record is stored just like any patient visit: in the Visit History, in the chart. Open a chart and click on Visit History to review all previous phone notes.
  • Work on Messaging Tasks

    Use the Messaging queue to review outstanding phone tasks, lab follow-up calls, and other tasks that you need to perform.