PCCTalk is a private, online forum and e-mail list for users of PCC’s pediatric software.

You can use PCCTalk to discuss a variety of pediatric and PCC topics, such as coding, office management and workflow, and how to use PCC software to meet the needs of your practice.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How Do I Sign Up For PCCTalk?
    If you are a PCC client, you can sign up for PCCTalk by visiting pcc.com.

    Just fill out this form: Request to join PCCTalk

    Once you receive your e-mail confirmation (usually within 72 hours of your request to join), you can post to the online forum at talk.pcc.com, or e-mail the group using the e-mail list feature.

    Set Your Password for Online Access: Your e-mail confirmation includes a link to “Set Your Password”. Follow that link to visit PCCTalk’s online home and set a password for your account. You’ll be able to use PCCTalk in a Web browser and have access to other features.

  • If I Used Partnertalk, Do I Already Have a PCCTalk Account?
    Yes. When PCC launched PCCTalk, we created accounts for all Partnertalk users. You will receive PCCTalk messages automatically.
  • How Do I Set My PCCTalk Password Once I Have An Account?
    Once you are signed up for PCCTalk, you can set an online password in order to access additional features and change your preferences.

    There are two ways to set your online password:

    • Visit PCCTalk and click the “Sign In” button in the upper right. Type in the e-mail address at which you receive PCCTalk and click “reset password”. PCCTalk will send you an e-mail that allows you to create a new password.
    • Find your “Welcome to PCCTalk” e-mail, sent to your address when PCC added you to PCCTalk. Inside the e-mail, you can click a link to set up a password.
  • How Do I Read PCCTalk Topics?
    There are two ways to read PCCTalk.

    After you sign up for PCCTalk, you will receive e-mails from your PCC colleagues around the country. Sometimes a week or more goes by with no posts, but when an interesting topic starts, you may receive several e-mails each day.

    You can also log in and review old topics by visiting the PCCTalk web site.

  • How Do I Send a Message, or Ask PCCTalk a Question?
    There are two ways to start or join a conversation on PCCTalk.

    First, you can send an e-mail to pcctalk@talk.pcc.com to create a new PCCTalk message. You can also reply to previous e-mail conversations.

    Click Here to Open Your Computer’s E-mail Program and Compose a New PCCTalk E-mail

    Second, you can visit the PCCTalk web site and click “New Topic” to create a new topic.

  • So, What Do We Talk About? What is PCCTalk For?
    You can use PCCTalk to discuss pediatric and PCC topics, such as coding, office management and workflow, and how to use PCC software to meet the needs of your practice.

    Recent topics have included ICD-10 coding, the Electronic Encounter Form, allergy shots, and PCC’s patient portal, MyKidsChart.

    Please note that PCCTalk is not a forum for support questions. Contact PCC Support instead. Also, PHI (Private Health Information) should never be shared on PCCTalk.

  • Can I Read PCCTalk Online, And Review a Topic in my Web Browser?
    Once you are signed up for PCCTalk, you can read topics on the Website.

  • How Do I Change My Password, Forum Picture, or Other PCCTalk Options?
    You can set your PCCTalk password or change other preferences, including your profile information, picture, e-mail settings and more by editing your Profile on the PCCTalk web site.

    Visit PCCTalk, log in, and click on your name to visit your profile page.

    Alternatively, click on this link and log in: Your PCCTalk Profile Page.

  • Can I Just Receive a Single, Digest-Style E-mail?
    If you prefer, you can switch your PCCTalk subscription to a single, digest e-mail each day.

    There are two ways to switch to “digest only” e-mail.

    First, you can click the “Switch to a daily digest” link at the bottom of a PCCTalk message.

    Second, you can visit your profile page on the PCCTalk Website and adjust your preferences.

    While editing your Profile, click on the “Change E-mail Settings” link, click “Change” and then select your preferred Message Delivery option.

  • Can I Receive ZERO E-mails, But Still Be Part of PCCTalk?
    If you prefer, you can read PCCTalk on the Web site and never get a single e-mail.

    To change your preferences, visit your PCCTalk profile page. Follow the instructions in the “Can I Just Receive a Single, Digest-Style E-mail?” question above. In your Message Delivery settings, select “Web only.”

    After you save your changes, you will no longer receive PCCTalk messages, except for administrative messages such as a password or account change.

    You can still read and create PCCTalk topics on the PCCTalk web site.

  • How Do I Access the AAP Pediatric Coding Newsletter, the AAP Redbook, and Other Services Through PCCTalk?
    Your PCCTalk login also allows you to access special AAP resources through PCC.

    First, visit visit the PCCTalk web site and log in.

    Click “Find it here” to visit the AAP Pediatric Coding Newsletter information thread. Then follow the https://coding.solutions.aap.org link to the AAP web site.

    You are now on the AAP’s site while logged in to PCCTalk account. You’ll even see PCC’s logo on the site, indicating you are logged in through PCC. You can access the AAP Pediatric Coding Newsletter, the AAP Pediatric Redbook, and the AAP’s library of educational materials for patients.

    These services are also available through PCC EHR’s Educational Materials tool.

  • Can I Attach a Document to a PCCTalk Post?
    You can attach files to any PCCTalk discussion post.

    First, log in at the PCCTalk Website. Next, find the topic thread and click to add a reply, or create a new post. Finally, use the “Browse…” button to find the file you wish to attach.

    As always, remember to never post or attach documents that contain PHI or any other private information. For example, if you are attaching an example of a form letter your practice uses, make sure the form is not generated for a real patient.

  • My Messages Aren't Going Through, My E-mail Address is Wrong
    PCCTalk uses the e-mail address you’re posting from to authenticate your account.

    If the e-mail address you’re posting from doesn’t match the e-mail address in PCCTalk, your PCCTalk post will not be published. This is how the group stays private and prevents spam from being sent to the group. You can use Microsoft Outlook, Apple Mail, or any other e-mail program: PCCTalk doesn’t mind. Only the e-mail address your message is coming from matters.

    Add Another Authorized E-Mail Address: You can log into the web version of PCCTalk and add a new e-mail address under your profile in “E-mail Settings”.

    Have PCC Reset Your Account: PCC Support can switch your authorized PCCTalk e-mail address to a new address, creating a new account for that address. You’ll get a new welcome message and can then post and respond from your new e-mail.

  • Whoops! I Didn't Mean to Post That! What Do I Do?
    If you reply to a PCCTalk thread or post a message by mistake, you can remove your post. First, login to PCCTalk on the http://talk.pcc.com. Next, click on your name (at the top of the screen) and then scroll down to see a list of your recent posts. Click on the post that you want to hide or remove, and then click the trash can symbol to remove it from public view.

  • Last modified: August 12, 2016