Configure the Appointment Book

Read the sections below to learn how to configure the Appointment Book in PCC EHR.

Indicate the Scheduling Providers at Your Practice

Once the Appointment Book is in use by your practice, you need to indicate which users can be scheduled for appointments.

This is done through the User Administration tool.

Configure Provider Hours and Manage Their Calendar

Use the Provider Hours tool to configure a provider’s scheduling availability.

On the first tab, you can quickly review a provider’s schedule.

The Location Abbreviation, displayed in parentheses to the right of each block of time, shows where the provider will be during each block of time.

Single Location Practice?: If your practice does not have multiple locations, you will not see the Location Abbreviation on your schedule.

By default, the provider’s regular hours for the day appear. You can edit individual days, as needed.

Set Default Provider Hours

On the second tab, you can set each provider’s usual in and out times. These are the default hours that display on the calendar.

You can enter multiple start and end times to account for breaks or hospital rounds, and create as complex a daily schedule as the provider needs. They can also split their time between locations, as needed.

Providers at Care Centers: If your practice uses care centers, the Location selections for each provider will be restricted to location(s) connected to the care center each provider is assigned to.

Single Location Practice?: If your practice does not have multiple locations, you will not see the Location field in the Provider Regular Hours tab.

Set Custom Hours for a Single Day

Double-click on a day in the Provider Schedule tab to make changes to the provider’s working hours for that day.

You can enter different start and end times to configure custom hours for the day, or mark the provider as off for the whole day.

Single Location Practice?: If your practice does not have multiple locations, you will not see a location option when editing custom hours.

Set Visit Duration by Visit Reason and Provider

Use the Visit Reason Editor to create visit reasons, set visit reason durations, and choose your practice’s default visit reason.

Use the pull-down menu at the top of the screen to pick a default visit reason.

Edit any visit reason to change its name, define its default duration, or set custom durations for each provider, in 5-minute increments.

Search Filter

The Visit Reason Editor screen has a search filter that will help you find a visit reason or a provider quickly.

Short Appointment Lengths

As you design your schedule, remember that short appointments will all begin at the same start time in a single time slot. For example, if you use the default 15-minute Appointment Book time grid, you could schedule up to three separate 5-minute appointments, all set to begin at the same time.

Choose the Appointment Book Display Unit for Your Practice

Your practice can configure your Appointment Book display grid in time units that work best for your office.

You can choose from time slots of 10, 15, 20 or 30 minutes.

The Appointment Book’s time unit determines the start times of your appointments. For example, if you use a 20 minute unit, all of your appointments in the 9:00 hour would begin at 9:00, 9:20, or 9:40.

Contact PCC Support to configure your Appointment Book scheduling grid.

  • Last modified: March 28, 2018