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Your provider's time is one of the most important resources of your office. Managing that time is vital. PCC's scheduling tools can help you reserve same-day sick time, tailor chart notes to custom visit reasons, and more.

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  • Schedule a Patient

    The Appointment Book is a visual scheduler inside PCC EHR.
  • Configure the Appointment Book

    Learn how to configure your schedule, turn on Appointment Book permissions, define visit reasons, adjust your practice's calendar and each provider's hours, enter vacation days, and more.
  • Review Your Schedule With Appointment Reports

    PCC EHR includes a wide variety of appointment reports. You can use them to produce a daily huddle sheet, figure out when appointments are being overbooked, and even plan inventory for upcoming well visits.
  • Canceling and Rescheduling CHADIS Appointments and Moving CHADIS Results

    When your patients and families complete CHADIS questionnaires,the results are automatically assigned to the patient’s upcoming visit. Canceling a visit will also cancel those orders, making CHADIS results unavailable in the patient’s history or in a newly scheduled visit. Use the following workflow and suggestions to ensure that assigned and completed questionnaires are saved and […]