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Your provider's time is one of the most important resources of your office. Managing that time is vital. You can schedule appointments in the PCC EHR Appointment Book, or in Partner's scheduling module, sam. PCC's scheduling tools can help you reserve same-day sick time, tailor chart notes to custom visit reasons, and more.

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  • Schedule with the Appointment Book

    The Appointment Book is a visual scheduler inside PCC EHR.
  • Configure the Appointment Book

    Learn how to configure your schedule, turn on Appointment Book permissions, define visit reasons, adjust your practice's calendar and each provider's hours, enter vacation days, and more.
  • Review Your Schedule With Appointment Reports

    PCC EHR includes a wide variety of appointment reports. You can use them to produce a daily huddle sheet, figure out when appointments are being overbooked, and even plan inventory for upcoming well visits.
  • Schedule in Partner's SAM
    Learn how to schedule appointments and work with Partner's Scheduling Appointment Minder, "SAM"
  • SAM Schedule Screen Reference
    • The Sam Day View: Force in Appointments, Review All Providers

      The Day View displays a provider's appointments for a day as well as how busy each provider is on that day. You can review your office's schedule and book appointments in any time slot. You can jump to a date that is unavailable or full and force in an appointment, a feature unavailable on the Normal View.
    • The Sam Detailed View: Review Appointment Details, Remove Blocks

      Who booked an appointment on your screen? Why is a unit of time double or triple-booked? The Normal View only shows basic information about each unit of time. Use the Detailed View to review a busy schedule, as well as double-book or remove blocks.
    • The Sam Normal View: Choose From Available Appointment Times

      The Normal View in the Scheduler offers available times based on the criteria you entered on the Search Criteria screen. The earliest and best matches for the criteria you entered will be in the middle row, and the first available match is highlighted, ready to be confirmed.
    • Start SAM and Find Patients Reference

      You can launch the scheduler from several other Partner programs. For example, if your staff uses pen (Phone Encounter Notes) to handle triage calls, you can schedule directly from that program. If your front desk needs to schedule a follow-up visit while checking out a patient, they can press [fkey title='F8' subtitle='Patient Schedule'] while posting charges in checkout and jump into the scheduler. In fact, the programs checkin, pen, checkout, tickle, and the lab module all have a link to sam. If you use those tools, you will benefit from a direct link to the scheduler. Look for keys like this:
    • The SAM Notes and Confirmation View

      Press [fkey title='F1' subtitle='Schedule Appt'] from the Normal, Detailed, Day, or Patient View to begin confirming appointments listed at the top of the screen. From the Notes and Confirmation screen you can enter notes and confirm the appointment:
    • The SAM Search Criteria Screen

      After you select a patient, you will see the SAM Search Criteria screen shown below. From here you can review information about the patient, add more patients and relatives for scheduling, jump to several other Partner programs, or enter visit criteria to schedule a new appointment.