The Appointment Book

The Appointment Book is a visual scheduler in PCC EHR. You can use it to schedule appointments, review and make changes to providers’ schedules, and place scheduling blocks.

Watch a Video: You can learn about the Appointment Book by watching the complete video tour. Click here.

Ongoing Development: The Appointment Book in PCC EHR is new, and currently supports only single-location practices. PCC announces new Appointment Book functionality with each PCC release. (In the most recent updates, the Appointment Book expanded multiple provider configuration options.) If you want to consider transitioning your practice to the Appointment Book, talk to your PCC Client Advocate.

Open and Review Your Appointment Book

While using PCC EHR, click on the Appt Book tab to open the Appointment Book.

The Appointment Book remembers which provider you last scheduled for, and opens to their calendar. You can select a different provider from the drop-down menu, or rotate between providers using the right and left arrow buttons.

The current week appears in a grid. You can use the calendar tools to pick a different week, and use the week drop-down menu to switch between a 5-day “work” week or full week view.

Beneath the grid are tools for scheduling and reviewing appointments.

Click on any appointment to review details or make changes.

Schedule an Appointment

To schedule an appointment for the selected provider, first find a patient in the lower-left panel.

In the same panel, you can pick a visit reason and optionally adjust visit length or enter an appointment note.

Click anywhere on the grid to pick an appointment time.

If there’s an obstacle in the calendar, the overlap will display in the lower-right panel.

Click on another block of time within the grid to change your selection. Click “Save” to confirm and save the appointment.

Pick the Appointment Time First?: If you prefer, you can click directly on the grid to select an open appointment time and then find a patient and enter visit information. Either order works.

Reschedule an Appointment

When you need to reschedule an appointment, select it within the calendar grid and click “Reschedule” in the lower-right panel.

Click on a new time within the grid to change the appointment.

If you need to move the appointment to another week or a different month, use the calendar tool.

You can also select a different provider to see if they have availability at the desired time.

When you have chosen the new time and/or provider for the appointment, click “Save” to confirm and save your changes.

Place a Scheduling Block

Click the Add Block tab in the lower-left panel to work with scheduling blocks. You can create a block just as you would schedule a patient.

First, select a block type and length.

Then pick a place for the block and click “Save”.

What About Changes to the Doctor's Schedule?: You can block time anywhere on the schedule for a single day. To change a provider’s schedule for a day and manage their calendar or their regular hours, use the Provider Hours configuration tool.

Appointment History

The Appointment History component displays all of a patient’s appointments and includes tools for making changes.

Your practice can add the Appointment History component to your Medical Summary, as well as chart and phone note protocols.

You can review a patient’s past appointments while charting, and can click to reschedule or remove upcoming appointments.

For example, you may have taken a call and opened a new phone note indicating the patient needs to reschedule. While recording the phone note, you can select the appointment on the Appointment History component and click “Reschedule”. PCC EHR will open the Appointment Book to the scheduled time. You can work with the family to choose a new time and/or clinician for the appointment.


As of the February 2017 release of PCC 7.6, these are the configuration options for the Appointment Book. More configuration options will be added as Appointment Book functionality expands.

Indicate the Scheduling Providers at Your Practice

Once the Appointment Book is in use by your practice, you need to indicate which users can be scheduled for appointments.

This is done through the User Administration tool.

Configure Provider Hours and Manage Their Calendar

The Provider Hours configuration tool is used to configure a provider’s scheduling availability.

On the first tab, you can quickly review a provider’s schedule. By default, their regular hours for the day appear.

Set Provider Hours for a Single Day

Double-click on any day to make changes to the provider’s working hours for that day. You can choose to use the provider’s regular hours, enter start and end times to configure custom hours for the day, or mark the provider as off for the day.

Set Default Provider Hours

On the second tab, you can set each provider’s usual in and out times. These are the default hours that display on the calendar.

You can enter multiple start and end times to account for breaks or hospital rounds, and create as complex a daily schedule as the provider needs.

What About Blocking for a Meeting?: You can set custom hours for any date in the Provider Hours tool, but you can also place a custom block right on the schedule to block off an hour, an afternoon, or an entire day.

Set Your Practice’s Default Visit Lengths

Use the Visit Reason Editor to create visit reasons, set visit reason lengths, and choose your default visit reason.

Use the pull-down menu at the top of the screen to pick a default visit reason. Edit any visit reason to change its name or define any length, in 15-minute increments.

  • Last modified: October 20, 2017