PCC Downloads

This page contains software downloads that help you connect to PCC’s software or that facilitate PCC services. Some of these items were created by a third-party. If you are uncertain what download you need, please contact PCC Support at 1-800-722-7708.

PCC Downloads Page

Each client has their own download page that can be accessed with a web browser and gives you direct access to important PCC downloads, as well as links to PCC support and our online documentation at learn.pcc.com.

The url is simply your PCC acronym followed by pcc.com/downloads. So, if your acronym was ABCD, your downloads page would be at https://ABCD.pcc.com/downloads


If you need to download or update PCC EHR software for your individual PC or Macintosh computers, follow these instructions:

Macintosh Terminal

Terminal is already installed in the Utilities folder on your Macintosh. Contact PCC Support for help connecting to your PCC system with Terminal.

Tools for Connecting From Home

PCC Support may ask you to download one of these packages while helping you connect to Partner from home.


PCC Support uses TeamViewer to connect to your PC and help you with a software problem.

Our PCC Technical Solutions team installs TeamViewer on your PC for you. However, if you are setting up a new workstation, you may need to download and install it yourself.

Learn How to Download and Install TeamViewer

  • Last modified: July 22, 2021