Manage Your Office's Hardware

Read the sections below to learn about the computing hardware in your office.

Read a Summary of Network and Equipment Services: PCC's Technical Solutions Team provides a Network and Equipment Services guide which includes answers to common questions around what PCC installs, how equipment is maintained, how backups are performed, and more.

Get Started

  • Shut Down Your PCC Server

    If you need to move equipment or are preparing your office for a bad storm, you may want to shut down your PCC Server. This might also be needed if a technician is visiting your office.
  • Backing Up Your Practice Data

    The PCC Server located in your practice contains the complete record of your A/R as well as important patient medical information. If that data is properly backed up, it will be safe from fire, natural disasters, or a server crash.
  • Hardware Guide: Your PCC System Hardware

    PCC installs a server and other peripherals in your office. The topics below are a quick reference to that equipment.
  • Hardware Guide: Your Personal Computer and Equipment

    Your office will use computers, printers, scanners and other peripherals to connect to and use your Partner and PCC EHR server. PCC does not sell or maintain personal computers, but we can advise you on your purchases and help configure your computer to work with PCC software and your network.

Learn More

  • OCS Inventory

    PCC uses a special program, OCS Inventory, to keep your laptops and desktops up-to-date and manage your network. When you have OCS inventory installed, PCC's Technical Solutions Team can provide better support when you have problems logging in, printing, or performing other functions on your network.
  • Network Vulnerability Scan

    Every quarter, PCC performs a security assessment on your PCC server and network infrastructure. This service is included in your PCC support contract.
  • A Pediatric Practice Hardware Map

    Here is a wiring and network layout for a typical PCC office. Your practice may have different equipment.
  • PCC Router and Firewall

    The PCC Red Box is a custom router, firewall, and internet sharing device. In 2010, PCC began installing Red Boxes in our client offices to improve network-related services and increase office network security. If your office has had a PCC hardware upgrade in 2010 or later, you may have a PCC Red Box.
  • Install TeamViewer So PCC Can Help You On Your Workstation

    PCC’s support teams use TeamViewer to help you with PCC EHR and other PCC products and services. You can ask your Client Advocate, or a Rapid Response Team member, to connect directly to your computer workstation and troubleshoot a problem or train you. Follow the instructions below to install TeamViewer on your workstation. Install TeamViewer […]