Network Vulnerability Scan

Every quarter, PCC performs a network vulnerability scan on your PCC server and network infrastructure. This service is included in your PCC support contract.

What Do We Check?

PCC uses vulnerability scanning software to review connections to your server or router and firewall. We check known vulnerabilities on commonly used system ports available from the internet. For example, we scan the services on your server that run your e-mail, manage remote connections and remote offices, and your built-in web server.

We automatically send your office’s system administrator an e-mail letting you know the results of the scan.

What Happens When a Problem Is Found?

If a high-risk vulnerability is found, an email is automatically sent to

We treat that security vulnerability as a top priority. Our Technical Solutions team resolves the issue, and then notifies your office.

Sometimes even high-risk vulnerabilities cannot be remediated without negatively affecting your system, due to an unusual configuration or because your firewall or network is managed by a third-party. When that happens, PCC can help you communicate problems to whomever manages your firewall.

If PCC manages your office’s router, we can apply any required updates or patches. If you use a local or in-house IT technician to manage your network, they must handle the update and upkeep of your router.

Medium or Low-Risk Vulnerabilities

In addition to high-risk vulnerabilities, your network vulnerability scan will find many other medium or low-risk vulnerabilities. Some normal aspects of your network configuration may be labeled as low or medium-risk vulnerabilities, such as when a port is opened to allow communication between remote offices.

Your system administrator can review the e-mailed report and take appropriate action. Contact PCC Support for any questions about the results of the scan.

  • Last modified: July 20, 2018