PCC Router and Firewall

PCC installs a Fortinet Fortigate in each practice as part of your PCC subscription. This router/firewall device connects your office to the internet and secures your network from unauthorized access.

My Practice Already Has One: In some cases, you may already have a suitable router/firewall provided by another IT consultant. In that case, PCC will work with you to ensure the existing device is adequate and configured correctly for use by your PCC equipment and applications. PCC prefers to provide and administer your router/firewall. It is a critical component of your network infrastructure and is the gateway through which PCC updates and administers your PCC server and other network devices.

The router/firewall performs the following functions in your office:

  • Router: Your router/firewall device routes traffic between network segments.

  • Firewall: Your router/firewall device helps prevent unauthorized access to your network and can help block incoming network attacks.

  • Internet Sharing: Your router/firewall device provides a gateway to the internet for all of the devices on your network.

  • Remote Connection: Your router/firewall device establishes secure Virtual Private Networks (VPN) between locations, such as your main and remote office or your office and a remote billing service. Your router/firewall devices are the endpoint for the connection at each location. PCC strongly recommends that clients with multiple offices install dedicated point-to-point connections between offices (typically fiber). In select cases, or when those services are not available, PCC may set up a persistent VPN connection between your offices.

  • DHCP and DNS Services: Your router/firewall device may also provide DNS and DHCP service to your network devices. (DHCP provides IP addresses to your network devices. DNS resolves domain names to IP addresses so traffic can be properly routed.) Generally DNS and DHCP services run on your PCC server, but in some cases your router/firewall may perform these functions.

Your office’s PCC-installed router/firewall is a configurable unit, allowing PCC’s Technical Solutions Team to add features and change the configuration as your office’s needs change.

Device Specifics

The Fortinet Fortigate is a high-performance, commercial firewall with optional Universal Threat Management (UTM) features. Fortinet is a major provider of network security appliances and solutions.

More Questions?: If you or your network consultant needs more information about the router/firewall devices provided by PCC, contact PCC’s Technical Solution Team at (800)-722-1082.

  • Last modified: October 21, 2019