Shut Down Your PCC Server

If you need to move equipment or are preparing your office for a bad storm, you may want to shut down your PCC server. This might also be needed if a technician is visiting your office.

Follow this procedure:

Tell Your Staff to Log Off

Ask your staff to log out of PCC EHR and Partner/Practice Management. You should make sure they are finished with their tasks and have logged off before proceeding.

Turn Off Your PCC Server

There are three different ways you could shut down your PCC server. First, you can just press the power button, located in the top-left of the front panel of your server (or under the grille, for some models). Press it once to begin the shutdown procedure.

If you can’t find the button, you could also log into your Partner windows and select System Administration, and then “Shut down the System”.

Alternatively, you can always ask your PCC CA or PCC technician. They can turn your server off remotely.

Watch Your Server’s Console

Watch the monitor attached to your server as the system shuts down or reboots. If you are rebooting, you can tell your staff that they can log back in once you see the log in prompt. If you are shutting down, your server will turn off on its own.

Do I Have to Perform the Shut Down at the Main Console?: You can perform a shut down or reboot from any PC or terminal in your office. Using the main console is recommended only because it will show you the full range of messages as the system shuts down and it will be easier to observe when the system comes back up after a reboot.

Password Required on Start Up: When you push the power button to turn your PCC server back on, you will need your practice’s decryption passphrase. PCC shares this passphrase only with your practice’s office manager or PCC system administrator.

  • Last modified: November 15, 2018