Oops Examples

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  • Change (or add missing) Diagnoses, Hospital, or Other Claim Information

    If you need to update the diagnosis, hospital, or other visit information for a visit, follow the procedure below. Remember that you will also need to rebatch (or reprint) the insurance claim when you are finished.
  • Assign a Billing Provider in oops

    You may need to assign a billing provider to a charge or a visit after it has been posted. You can change the billing provider for a previously-posted charge on the Visit Status screen in the Correct Mistakes (oops) program.
  • Review a Printed Bill in oops

    You can view a digital copy of a personal bill in the Correct Mistakes (oops) program.
  • Change an Encounter’s Billing Place of Service After Posting Charges

    You can adjust an encounter’s place of service when you Post Charges in PCC EHR. Sometimes you need to change the billing place of service of an encounter after the charges have already been posted. Read below to learn how to change the billing place of service of a phone note, portal message, or visit […]
  • Change the Copay Due on a Charge

    Learn how to change the copay due on a charge. You may need to do this after charges have been posted and a claim has been filed.