PCC's Patient Portal

My Kid's Chart is an online tool that patients and families can use to access medical records, review lab results, generate an immunization record, review their visit history, or send a message to their pediatrician's office.

Get a Patient Portal Starter Kit For Your Practice: PCC provides an informational handout for patients and families, registration forms, and custom flyers for your practice. You can learn more, download the kit, and request a custom flyer on PCC's Patient Portal Kit page.

Download a Manual: You can download and print a PDF manual for patients and families here: My Kid's Chart User's Guide.

Training Videos

  • Reach Patients and Families with the Patient Portal

    15 minutes • 07-2019
    Learn everything you need to know to get started with PCC's patient portal in your practice. If your front desk staff watches this video, they'll know how to create user accounts, attach patient records to those accounts, send any document through the portal, and even learn a little about messaging and configuration options.

Get Started

  • What is My Kid’s Chart, PCC’s Patient Portal?

    My Kid's Chart is an online tool that patients and families can use to access medical records, review lab results, generate an immunization record, review their visit history, or send a message to their pediatrician's office.
  • My Kid’s Chart User’s Guide

    My Kid's Chart is a patient portal that allows users, such as a parent or guardian, to access a patient's medical records. Read the sections below to learn how to log in to My Kid's Chart, review a patient's medical records, and send and receive secure messages to your doctor.

Learn More

  • Administer Patient Portal User Accounts

    Parents and patients can use My Kid's Chart to access medical records. Your practice manages the login account, and grants secure access to each patient's records. Read the sections below to learn how to create and configure My Kid's Chart accounts.
  • Receive and Respond to Patient Portal Messages from My Kid’s Chart

    Patients and family members who use My Kid's Chart can send secure messages directly to PCC EHR. PCC EHR users can read and respond to messages, or create new ones, to communicate with families and answer questions.
  • Patient Portal Practice Settings and Configuration

    Your practice can configure what details and options appear in My Kid’s Chart, PCC’s patient portal. Patient Portal Configuration Use the Configuration tab of the Patient Portal Configuration tool to change or update what your patient portal users will see. Use the checkboxes to determine what will appear in My Kid’s Chart for all users. Configuration […]
  • Make Documents Available to Patients and Families in My Kid’s Chart

    You can make documents available to patients and families in My Kid’s Chart, PCC’s patient portal. You can use this feature to share forms, test results, and other important documents with your patients and families. When importing or editing a document, you have the option to share or remove a document from the patient portal. […]
  • Get Started with Patient Portal Payments

    Your patients and families can pay their bills on their mobile device, using PCC's patient portal (My Kid's Chart). Once your practice has signed up and enabled account balances and portal payments, you will collect money faster and have fewer bounced checks. Read the sections below to learn about important considerations and prerequisites, and how you can best implement mobile payments for your practice.
  • Configure Your Patient Portal Message Templates

    Busy parents want a way to communicate effectively with your practice when it’s convenient for them, without having to play phone tag. PCC EHR includes three optional patient portal message templates that you can use as-is, or customize to work better for your office. You can also create your own messaging templates. How do Portal […]
  • Add My Kid’s Chart to Your Home Screen

    Add an app-style icon for your pediatrician's patient portal to the home screen of your smart phone.
  • Send CHADIS Questionnaires Directly Through the Patient Portal

    When you schedule an appointment in PCC, your practice can automatically send patients and families CHADIS questionnaires through the patient portal. Results will show up right in the encounter’s chart note, like any order. You can use CHADIS questionnaires to gather important diagnostic, screening, and other valuable information in advance of an encounter.
  • Pre-Check-In
    • Patient Pre-Check-In

      Once enabled by PCC, the Patient Pre-Check-In process begins in the Patient Portal. Pre-Check-In is available seven days before the patient’s appointment, and two days prior to the appointment, the patient’s billing account will receive a Portal message that pre-check-in is available. The Patient Portal When the billing account Patient Portal user logs into PCC’s […]
    • Configure Pre-Check-In

      Select a Pre-Check-In Document Category When Pre-Check-In is enabled, a new document category called “Pre-Check-In Insurance Cards” is automatically created. By default, insurance card images are added to this category. If you already have an insurance card category, or prefer to create a category with a different name, you can manage how Insurance Card Images […]
    • Prepare for Pre-Check-In

      Your patients and families can add, confirm, and update patient, billing and insurance information through the Patient Portal, ahead of their visit through Pre-Check-In Considerations There are a few conditions that may affect your decision to begin using Pre-Check-In in its current version: Pre-Check-In needs to be completed individually for each patient, so accounts with […]
    • Complete Pre-Check-In in Patient Portal

      Training Video
    • Pre-Check-In in PCC EHR

      Training Video
    • Patient Pre-Check-In Demo

      Training Video