Patient Pre-Check-In

Once enabled by PCC, the Patient Pre-Check-In process begins in the Patient Portal. Pre-Check-In is available seven days before the patient’s appointment, and two days prior to the appointment, the patient’s billing account will receive a Portal message that pre-check-in is available.

Patient Portal Users Required: Pre-Check-In requires a patient to have a portal user associated with the Billing Account.

The Patient Portal

When the billing account Patient Portal user logs into PCC’s Patient Portal, they will find and click an orange “Start Pre-Check-In” button for each patient with an appointment scheduled within the next seven days.

Pre-Check-In includes three sections to be completed and confirmed: Patient Information, Billing Account, and Insurance. By clicking “Edit” below Patient Information, portal users can update existing information and add any requested information.

When editing, any information missing is highlighted in orange.

The information already on file for this patient can be edited by the portal user.

After completing any edits to Patient Information and any requested information is filled out, the user will click “Confirm” to save the changes and move to Billing Account to add, edit, and confirm the Billing Account information.

The Billing Account section works the same way as Patient Information. The user will edit any existing information, fill out any orange highlighted missing information, and then click “Confirm”

After completing and confirming Billing Account information, Insurance is the final section to complete.


In Insurance, users can click “Edit” to confirm that the existing insurance is still active, or mark it as expired if it’s no longer valid. By clicking “Add Insurance” users can enter a new insurance.

Both “Add Insurance” and “Edit” include the option to upload an image or PDF of the front and back of the patient’s insurance card. These images will be added to an automatically created “Pre-Check-In Insurance Cards” category in PCC EHR, or to a document category selected in Document Administration.


When all three sections have been completed and confirmed, each will be marked “Confirmed” in green, but can be edited again by re-opening the section and clicking “Edit” if needed.

Click “Submit”.

Once Pre-Check-In has been submitted, the portal user is done, and the submitted information appears in the PCC EHR Check-In window.

Pre-Check-In in EHR

Once your portal users have completed Pre-Check-In in PCC’s Patient Portal, the submitted information appears in Patient Check-In, under the Pre-Check-In component.

All information added, edited, and confirmed by the portal user appears under the rightmost “Pre-Check Information” column. New or updated information appears in orange, with a checkbox.

By default, each checkbox is checked. If you decide that the submitted pre-check-in information should not be imported, uncheck the box.

Insurance card images can be viewed by clicking the “View Image” button.

Click “Import” to import all checked information and overwrite the current information.

New Insurance

If, during pre-check-in, a patient has no insurance, or a user adds an additional insurance, you’ll need to add that insurance during Check-In through PCC EHR.

A “New Policy Imported via Pre-Check-In” line appears under the Policies component in PCC EHR.

Select the policy and click “Edit Policy” to open and enter the details of the policy.

The images submitted via pre-check-in appear at the bottom of the window, click “View Document” to review the insurance cards for the insurance details.

If the patient has siblings and the insurance is the same as those siblings, the sibling’s policy will appear at the top of the Insurance drop-down menu, and will automatically fill in the policy details.


With pre-check-in data imported, and any new insurance added, pre-check-in is complete, and you can continue your check-in process as usual.

  • Last modified: April 24, 2024