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The 2019 PCC Users’ conference was held in Burlington, Vermont. Click below to download the course descriptions, schedule, or the materials provided for each course.

Course Descriptions and Handouts for Individual Courses

Course Title Course Description Materials
2015E Certification Development Feedback Opportunity PCC is prioritizing development work needed to achieve updated certification for the CMS Medicaid “Promoting Interoperability” program (formerly known as Meaningful Use). Join PCC’s Tim Proctor as he explains the EHR functionality we will be adding for this updated certification, and for an opportunity to have your voice heard about which of these features are most important to your practice. Instructor(s): Tim Proctor
A/R Collection Strategies Join PCC’s Jan Blanchard and Lynne Gratton, as well as Betsy Boyce from PedsOne and ask any questions you have about A/R Collection Strategies. Instructor(s): Jan Blanchard, CPC, CPMA Lynne Gratton, CPPM Betsy Boyce, PedsOne
Achieving and Maintaining PCMH Recognition The sheer volume of NCQA requirements and reporting needed to achieve and maintain Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) recognition can be daunting. Join Tim Proctor from PCC’s Pediatric Solutions Team and Amanda Ciadella from Patient Centered Solutions as we identify PCC reports and functionality useful for practices seeking PCMH recognition under 2017 standards, or looking to maintain that recognition. We’ll emphasize population management, discussing how to identify your high-risk patients and integrate care management into your practice. We’ll discuss annual reporting requirements within the 2017 standards and strategies for managing the PCMH transformation and reporting process. We’ll introduce you to PCC’s web-based tool that with examples of PCC functionality and reports that can help you satisfy PCMH requirements. Whether your practice is working towards PCMH Recognition for the first time or looking to renew or maintain your recognition status, this session is for you. Instructor(s): Tim Proctor, PCC and Amanda Ciadella, Patient Centered Solutions
Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and Pediatric Health Care Clinical data shows that adverse childhood experiences are linked to long-term health problems. Understanding brain function in children who have experienced trauma can be instrumental in treating them. A clinical psychologist will describe the fight, flight, freeze and fawn responses, and how they manifest for children with trauma. She will discuss how health care providers can improve their response to trauma and help their patients to build resiliency and decrease the shame and stigma associated with trauma.
Avoiding Bottlenecks in Patient Flow PCC’s Jan Blanchard and Lynne Gratton will lead this discussion on maximizing revenue, time efficiency and patient and staff satisfaction. Your hosts will make recommendations for schedule arrangements, staffing ratios and visit prep that can minimize obstacles to a smooth patient flow experience. Instructor(s): Jan Blanchard, CPC, CPMA Lynne Gratton, CPPM
Be Ready for the Employee Who Says, “I Didn’t Know!” If a practice or medical organization’s employees are not aware of compliance laws and office policies pertaining to their specific job descriptions, you can’t hold them accountable for the problems they may unwittingly create. Join Michelle Ann Richards, CPC, CPCO, SHRM-SCP, CPMA as she presents best practice training and education methodologies to ensure your employees understand his or her position, their organization’s culture of compliance and know that they will be held accountable for their job responsibilities. Instructor(s): Michelle Ann Richards, CPC, CPCO, SHRM-SCP, CPMA, Coding & Compliance Experts, LLC
Bring Your Employee Issues to an Expert Come prepared to ask an expert any of those difficult HR management, compliance, or employee-related questions that you need answered. Remember you don’t know what you don’t know unless you ask. Michelle Ann Richards, CPC, CPCO, SHRM-SCP, CPMA trains healthcare employees across the nation on federal and state regulations, as well as employer compliance and operational expectations. Instructor(s): Michelle Ann Richards, CPC, CPCO, SHRM-SCP, CPMA, Coding & Compliance Experts, LLC
Changing Management to Manage Change Every day in a busy pediatric practice you’re overwhelmed by the number of tactical decisions you need to make. This makes it difficult to think strategically for your practice. How can you ever evolve to become the practice you dreamed of being if you don’t have the time or organizational capacity to make the necessary changes. We will review a few simple guidelines that will help your practice make important changes to improve the quality of your care and the success of your practice. Instructor(s): Chip Hart
Client Feedback Session: Clinical Document Exchange PCC is designing a solution that will allow you to retrieve documents from your local hospital and specialists. Join us to provide feedback on exciting interoperability functionality coming to you in 2020! Instructor(s): Jen Marsala, , CSM, PMI-ACP & Dan Gillette
Client Feedback Session: Post Charges in PCC EHR PCC is designing a fast, powerful billing tool inside PCC EHR. We need your insights and experience around charge posting. Come and chat with our development team! Instructor(s): Kristen Ryan & Michael Stein
Client Feedback Session: Screening Tools and Workflow How does your practice complete screenings and visit questionnaires? PCC is creating a powerful interface to meet your practice’s screening needs. Come tell us about your workflow, what you need, and what PCC can create to make your job easier and improve patient engagement Instructor(s): Amanda Smith & Erica Greenwood
Client Perspective: Care Plan Success Stories Has your practice taken advantage of Care Plans? Join PCC and a panel of your peers to learn how other PCC clients are using Care Plans, and to get ideas for how you might incorporate this feature at your practice. Panelists: Dulce Dudley, MD, Lighthouse Pediatrics, and Tonya Weaver, BSW, Eden Park Pediatrics, Facilitator: Lauren Smith, PMP
Client Perspective: e-Prescribing in PCC EHR Join PCC and a panel of your peers to learn how other PCC clients are optimizing PCC eRx in the field. Hear how your colleagues are handling real-life prescribing challenges with the tools available in PCC eRx. Panelists: Nelson Branco, MD, Tamalpais Pediatrics, Bradley M. Bursch, M.D., Glendale Pediatrics, Korryn Lennstrom, North Seattle Pediatrics, and Lucas Godinez, DO, Kids Plus Pediatrics of Pittsburgh, PA, Facilitator: Morgan Ellixson-Boyea, CPhT, CSM and Sasha Pavlovic
Client Perspective: How Huddles Can Improve Patient Care Clients use huddles (short, stand-up meetings) to improve patient care by sharing information across the team and making a plan for certain situations – they can be a great communication tool. Learn how other offices use huddles for not only clinical purposes, but also front desk and billing, to communicate across teams. Panelists: Ashley Evans, CRNP, Eden Park Pediatrics, Nelson Branco, MD, Tamalpais Pediatrics, and Vinita Seru, MD, North Seattle Pediatrics, Facilitator: Lynne Gratton, CPPM
Client Perspective: Making the Most of Your PCC Protocols PCC EHR’s chart notes are a ribbon of powerful components that you can use to meet your practice’s workflow needs. Come chat with us about your protocol tips, tricks, and best practices to save time and chart smarter. Panelists: LeCresha Harris, First Choice Pediatrics and Jennifer Gruen, MD, Village Pediatrics, Facilitator: Jim Smith & Sarah Bunning
Client Perspective: Patient Portal Success Stories If you are looking for tips on integrating the patient portal (My Kids’ Chart), and hearing about workflow successes and outreach efforts that have worked well for other practices, this class is for you. Even if you’ve not yet implemented the patient portal, you’ll walk away with valuable insight to integrate into your planning process. A panel of clinicians and practice administrators will share their best practices and lessons-learned in all phases of patient portal use. Bring your own questions and walk away with many tips! Panelists: Linda Smith, Columbus Pediatric Associates, Dulce Dudley, MD, Lighthouse Pediatrics of Naples, and Jennifer Gruen, MD, Village Pediatrics, Facilitator: Nate Venet
Client Perspective: Switching to the Appointment Book Learn from other practices’ experience, and get their perpsective on when and how they decided to switch over from sam. You will have a chance to ask questions. Panelists: Lucas Godinez, DO, Kids Plus Pediatrics, Brenna Hall, Topeka Pediatrics, and Shari Moore, Eden Park Pediatrics, Facilitator: Lynne Gratton, CPPM
Clinical Process Support: What is it and does it work? This session will discuss evidence for improved care from use of clinical process support beginning with patient generated data. We will review examples for more accurate and efficient autism screening, improved asthma outcomes, and an approach to addressing social determinants of health. Instructor(s): Barbara Howard, MD, Total Child Health, Inc.
CMS E&M Changes Effect on Pediatrics Join Shannon DeConda in this time-sensitive discussion about the CMS proposed changes to E&M services, and the potential impact of these proposed changes on pediatric medicine. Shannon will review how the E&M changes will affect new office and outpatient payment models and documentation requirements, and how these services will be billed if the proposed changes are implemented. She will also outline potential impacts to reimbursement models. Instructor(s): Shannon DeConda
Delivering on Your Practice Culture Are you running a practice where personal responsibility isn’t baked in? Do people leave shifts early? Do they wait for someone to tell them what to do? Are messes left for someone else (you!) to clean? Join Chip Hart to discover some considerations for leading your practice to the understanding that they are part of a team with a common goal. You’ll also learn tips for honestly assessing BOTH of your practice’s cultures; the culture you aspire to and the culture you actually have. Instructor(s): Chip Hart
Do You Work With the Wrong People? Choosing the right people to work with (whether as partners, employees, or employers) has a profound effect on productivity and job satisfaction. Get it right! Instructor(s): Chip Hart
Effective Recruiting: Finding the Right People Many health care practices are confronted with high turnover rates and human resource challenges. This session will provide information, specific tools and techniques to help health care practices large and small make excellent staffing decisions. Join Tim Rushford from PedsOne as he explains evidence-based screening methods that result in a more exacting hiring process and boost employee retention rate. Attendees will learn solutions including hiring protocols, templates, “wicked good” interview questions, and assessment tools that fit the right person to the right position. Instructor(s): Tim Rushford, PedsOne
Engaging Patients and Families with Your Patient Portal Get families excited about using the portal! Through PCC’s Patient Engagement initiative, we are making some exciting changes to the portal to help you communicate more effectively with your families. PCC’s Ben Brandt will discuss new features such as customizable messaging templates, bill pay through the portal, and the ability for families to store and manage credit cards for portal payment. He’ll also share what PCC is working on next to further improve the patient portal. Instructor(s): Ben Brandt & Lauren Smith, PMP
Faster and More Accurate Vaccines with Scanners Join Sarah Bunning and Brian Kennedy from PCC’s New Client Implementation team for a discussion about PCCs best practices with using scanners for immunization inventory and administration. Instructor(s): Sarah Bunning & Brian Kennedy
Food Insecurity: a practice, terminology, and policy snapshot There is a growing recognition within the pediatric community that health is shaped by social and economic circumstances. Join Sarah DeSilvey, FNP-C, as she presents on the state of implementation science, terminology, and policy in the clinical assessment of food insecurity. Sarah is a rural family practice nurse practitioner in Vermont, with areas of expertise in pediatrics, and women’s health. She is the clinical representative for her health service area to the state’s accountable care organization. And she a terminologist specializing in developing the language and tools to address the social determinants of health in clinical practice. Instructor(s): Sarah DeSilvey, FNP-C
Front Desk Best Practices PCC’s Lynne Gratton, CPPM, explores front desk best practices related to scheduling, check-in, insurance verification and copay collection. Understand the importance of the front desk when it comes to your practice’s workflow and collection process. Instructor(s): Lynne Gratton, CPPM
General Session: Clinically Integrated Networks: Right for Your Practice? Hospital systems, particularly Children’s Hospitals, recognize the value of independent primary care pediatrics with regard to patient referrals and improving population health metrics. Many hospital systems are developing networks to engage pediatricians in a formal manner. These networks may include joint contracting, streamlined referral and communication capability, and data sharing for quality improvement work. This session will outline what an independent practice should review when considering membership in a clinically integrated network (CIN). The session will highlight examples from across the country regarding the perks and pitfalls of CINs. Instructor(s): Colleen Kraft, MD
General Session: PCC’s Roadmap Instructor(s): Scott Ploof
General Session: What’s New What’s new at PCC? New faces, new ideas, and new features and services! Join us for our 2019 year in review. You’ll learn about the best new tools and advancements in PCC software since last year’s UC, and you’ll also learn what’s been changing in the PCC community. We will also advise you on courses you can attend to take better advantage of PCC’s products and services. Instructor(s): Scott Ploof, Michael Stein, Katie Gudmundsen, Kate Taylor and Sarah Gleich
Get the Most Out of Your Relationship with Your Client Advocate Client Advocates are an integral piece of PCC’s support services. Engaging in regularly scheduled calls with your Client Advocate allows you to discuss immediate concerns, learn about the tools and services available to your office, and identify important items to work on and discuss over time. These check-ins foster a more personalized relationship between you and PCC by encouraging you to set aside time to work on small and big-picture projects. Come learn about the many ways your Client Advocate can help to improve your practice. Instructor(s): Jen Perren & Nirav Shah
HIPAA Faux Pas While HIPAA is a very broad topic, maintaining HIPAA compliance can be quite simple. Come hear about small changes you can make around your office to ensure HIPAA compliance. How to make sure you’re in compliance with OCR around charging for continuity of care (patient chart requests). Instructor(s): Lauren Smith, PMP
How Payer Contracts Are Evolving in the Era of Big Data and Value-Based Payments Contracts are quickly evolving to shift more risk to physicians. Learn how ‘big data’ is being used to develop benefit design, tiered networks, and grading of physicians, and how payers are evolving contract terms to extract ‘value-based’ improvements in care delivery. Instructor(s): Susanne Madden, MBA, CCE, The Verden Group
Improve Patient Education Join PCC’s Lauren Smith for a roundtable discussion about ideas for improving patient education in areas such as insurance benefits, financial policies, and their own care management. We invite you to consider ways that educating your patients and families on both financial and clinical aspects can save you time and even reduce call volume. Instructor(s): Lauren Smith, PMP
Improve Productivity with PCC Reports As a managing physician or practice administrator, have you ever wondered which reports you should be monitoring regularly to ensure the practice is operating successfully? This session will highlight PCC’s robust Dashboard and practice management reporting capabilities, focusing on reports that will allow you to keep your finger on the pulse of your practice. Discover the numbers that really matter and how to find and track the information you need most. A practice session will give you the opportunity to review your own practice’s results. Instructor(s): Tim Proctor
Improve Your Practice Health with PCC’s Practice Vitals Dashboard Your PCC Practice Vitals Dashboard displays key metrics about your practice to keep you informed of its financial and clinical health. Join us for a tour of PCC’s Dashboard, focusing on a variety of important financial and clinical measures. Hear how practices have used the Dashboard to monitor quality improvement efforts within the practice. During this interactive session, you’ll also have the opportunity to review your own Dashboard under the guidance of PCC experts. Instructor(s): Tim Proctor
Insurance Billing Workflows PCC’s Lynne Gratton, CPPM, will discuss PCC’s best practices for insurance billing. We’ll review new workflow options, including how to check eligibility and update policies quickly and easily in the EHR, post charges, submit claims, and verify submission. Along the way, you will learn tips and tricks to improve your day-to-day workflow. Instructor(s): Lynne Gratton, CPPM
Is HR Part of Your Practices’ Compliance Plan? If your HR department is not currently part of your compliance program, it most certainly should be, regardless of your affiliation or industry. Human Resources has a dotted line link to Compliance. Learn best practices for keeping your human resource department compliant with stringent federal regulations. The HR department is the first face an onboarding employee sees; it therefore sets the tone for the culture of compliance. Join Michelle Ann Richards, CPC, CPCO, SHRM-SCP, CPMAas she details the ways in which job descriptions, training, education and orientation all play a major role in compliance at your practice. Michelle has over 25 years of healthcare experience, including Healthcare Compliance, Revenue Cycle Management, Meaningful Use, Chart Auditing and Practice Management. Instructor(s): Michelle Ann Richards, CPC, CPCO, SHRM-SCP, CPMA, Coding & Compliance Experts, LLC
KIDS Want to implement an effective program to increase patient satisfaction? Start with your own employees! Join Paul Vanchiere, MBA with the Pediatric Management Institute, as he shares a proven course you can bring back to your practice to help facilitate the needed changes to increase your patient satisfaction. Instructor(s): Paul Vanchiere
Large Practice Roundtable Are you a large practice with multiple clinicians and/or locations? Come to this discussion about challenges you face and share your experiences. Instructor(s): Jim Smith
Managing Complex Family Structures within PCC EHR Is your front office staff clear on the difference between custody and parental rights, espeically as it relates to sharing medical records and HIPAA? This topic can be especially tough to navigate as blended families and children in foster care become more common, and medical records become more accessible through apps and online portals. What do you do with billing situations? Can Mom tell you that Dad can’t have access to demographic data anymore? Join Jim Leahy as he helps to navigate this potential mine field, and offers tips on how to use PCC EHR to identify families with complex structures, and communicate within your staff about how to handle dissemination of information. Instructor(s): Jim Leahy
No Show Reduction Independent Pediatricians typically maintain daily patient volumes of 20-30 patients to keep their practices viable. Pediatricians also schedule appointments up to a year in advance, leading to as many as 15% of patients not showing up for appointments each day. The financial and clinical impact of these gaps in pediatric appointment books is substantial. We analyzed pediatric no-show patterns to identify the variables that truly affect appointment truancy. These insights were translated into interventions to reduce patient truancy. PCC’s Chip Hart presents pediatric no-show patterns, key predictors, and the results several Pediatric practices are seeing with targeted interventions. Instructor(s): Chip Hart
Optimizing PCC EHR: Workflow and Configuration Improvements You Can Use Today Take advantage of the new features in the EHR which can streamline your workflow, providing your clinicians and staff with more time to focus on delivering healthcare. This course will highlight the most useful enhancements and demonstrate how to take advantage of them in your office. Instructor(s): Jim Leahy
Order Workflow Roundtable: Sharing Perspectives on Optimizing Orders How do you keep track of outstanding referrals? Who processes lab results at your practice? Come share how your practice uses PCC EHR for orders, and learn tips and tricks from others on generating, tracking, transmitting, and receving orders. This interactive course will help you generate new ideas that will streamline your use of PCC EHR. Instructor(s): Lauren Smith, Sarah Gleich, Jim Smith, Sarah Bunning, Kate Taylor, Maria Horn
PCC EHR Roundtable Instructor(s): Lynne Gratton, CPPM
PCC PM Roundtable Instructor(s): Bryan LeMoine & Brian Kennedy
PCC Roadmap and Playback Join PCC’s Paula VanDeventer for a tour of PCC’s upcoming Roadmap: What we are developing for you right now, and our plans for the second half of 2019. We will talk about the ongoing integration of PCC EHR and Practice Management, new patient engagment opportunities through the patient portal and pocketPCC, the Report Library, the Dashboard, the Appointment Book and PCC eRx. We’ll also show new Interoperability features, continuing to expand on opportunities for delivering improved patient care. Instructor(s): Paula VanDeventer
Pediatric Coding Best Practices Whether for billing, referrals, lab requisitions, or something else entirely, identifying just the right medical codes can be time consuming. Jan Blanchard will share her approach to quickly finding the most accurate CPTs, ICDs and SNOMEDs for any purpose. Instructor(s): Jan Blanchard, CPC, CPMA
Pediatrics in the Age of Pop-Up Practitioners Urgent care centers and pharmacies have big store fronts, marketing departments, and better hours than your practice can provide. What will your practice do to remain relevant to the parent? And how do you build a relationship with urgent care or even schools to make sure patient charts are up to date? Panelists: Brenna Hall, Topeka Pediatrics, Roger Hovis, El Paso Pediatrics, Facilitator: Chris Forleo
Personal Collections Best Practices Join PCC’s Ben Brandt and Tracy Harter from PedsOne as they focus on the personal collections process, helping you determine which personal balances to collect first, how to capitalize on opportunities to collect overdue balances, and when to send an account to collections. Instructor(s): Ben Brandt & Tracy Harter, PedsOne
Positioning your Practice for Direct-to-Employer Contracting It is time we cut out the for-profit Payer middlemen. Many employers, and not just larger ones, are now ‘self-funded’ when it comes to providing health benefits for their employees. Learn about current direct-to-employer contracting for pediatric practices and how to develop similar programs for your practice. Instructor(s): Susanne Madden, MBA, CCE, The Verden Group
Practical Pediatric Legal Updates Our legal advisors will discuss the most recent legal developments, as well as some nagging issues, that may impact your office or your practice. Instructor(s): Shireen Hart, Esq. and Anne Cramer, Esq. Instructor(s): Shireen Hart, Esq & Anne Cramer, Esq., Primmer Piper Eggleston & Cramer PC
Practical Pediatric Legal Updates: Q & A Following their discussion on pediatric legal updates, PCC legal advisors Shireen Hart, Esq. and Anne Cramer, Esq. will be available to answer your legal questions about pediatric health care. Instructor(s): Shireen Hart, Esq & Anne Cramer, Esq., Primmer Piper Eggleston & Cramer PC
Set Prices for your Practice How do you set prices for your practice? You might be surprised to hear that many pediatricians are basically just winging it. But getting it wrong costs you time and money. Join PCC’s Chip Hart for an informative discussion about the RBRVS system for pediatricians. Learn how to calculate your prices fairly and effectively with just a few keystrokes. Chip will review standard pricing concepts, give a brief history and explanation of RBRVS, and share tools that allow practices to examine both pricing and payments in the context of RVUs. Instructor(s): Chip Hart
Setting Up Accounts Payable Workflows in Your Office Many practices continue to rely on antiquated ways of processing their accounts payable. Find out best practices to organize and process the bills the practice needs to pay each month. Paul Vanchiere, MBA with the Pediatric Management Institute, will provide attendees with practical solutions to automate the bill-paying process. Instructor(s): Paul Vanchiere, PMI
Sharing Clinical Records: PCC’s Newest Interoperability Connection Do you wish your practice could share data more easily? Tired of faxing? This session will explore PCC’s latest interoperability functionality that will allow your practice to exchange clinical documents with your local hospitals and large healthcare systems. Instructor(s): Jen Marsala, CSM, PMI-ACP
Small Practice Roundtable Are you a startup or small practice with 2 or fewer clinicians? Come to this discussion about challenges you face and share your experiences. Instructor(s): Ben Brandt
Soup to Nuts: Pediatric Visit of the Future with PCC EHR Are you curious about where PCC is headed with the integration of our electronic health record and practice managment solution? Having trouble visualizing how all the pieces will fit together when we’re done? Join Jim Leahy as he gives a 10,000 foot overview of OnePCC, and discusses possible workflows that PCC envisions will enhance patient engagement at your practice, and will make charting and billing easier for you! Instructor(s): Jim Leahy
Strategies for Improving Vaccine Compliance with Your Patient Population Using effective communication can help to address the concerns of vaccine supportive parents and motivate hesitant parents toward vaccine acceptance. Come listen to a panel of PCC clients as they explore strategies for addressing vaccine hesitancy and offer suggestions on how you can work with your families to dispel the myths that surround vaccine hesitancy and refusal. Panelists: LeCresha Harris, First Choice Pediatrics, Michelle Mayer, MD, Chestnut Ridge Pediatrics (BCD), and Judy Orton, MD, Green Mountain Pediatrics, Facilitator: Lynne Gratton, CPPM
Success Stories of Pediatric Behavioral Health Integration Join us for this discussion to hear how other PCC practices have become a better medical home to their patients by integrating mental health services. We’ll discuss when it makes sense to bring mental health services in-house, and which type of specialist you should consider hiring. Hear the experiences of other practices as they share how to bill for mental health and what it took for them to get this valuable service covered by public and private payers. Learn from behavioral health specialists how you can best connect your practice with their services, and what may be available to you within your own community. Whether you are considering offering mental health services to your patients, or looking to expand the mental health offering you already provide, join us to hear how practices are filling this need in their community. Panelists: Matthew MacNeil, Howard Center, Meredith Monahan, MD, Essex Pediatrics, Charles Flores, MD, Pediatrics Day & Night, and Jeanne M. Marconi, MD, FAAP, The Center for Advanced Pediatrics, Facilitator: Jim Smith
The Ask Chip Hour The UC covers a lot of ground in three days, but some of the questions or concerns you have may not fit within the context of the classes you choose. Enter Chip Hart and his endless knowledge of all things pediatric practice management. We’ll ask for questions in the weeks leading up to the UC, or just bring your questions with you and put Chip on the spot. Instructor(s): Chip Hart
The Business of Immunizations The AAP has identified the business of immunizations as a critical issue, warning that pediatric practices are at risk of failing if they are not adequately paid for immunizations. Join PCC’s Chip Hart for a frank discussion about the pitfalls and challenges involved with managing vaccines, including the direct and indirect expenses involved. Learn strategies for number crunching, proper coding techniques and negotiating with payers, along with other steps you can take toward a goal of actually making a profit while immunizing patients. Instructor(s): Chip Hart
Transition of Care: Adolescent to Adult All adolescents must transition eventually from pediatric to adult health care. Studies have found that the majority of youth are ill-prepared for this change. Many pediatric health care providers lack a systematic transition plan for their older patients. Starting to prepare youth as young as 14 years old and using a proven transition plan can improve the quality of health care and the success of young adults continuing with preventive care. Join Jennifer Gray, MD, FAAP and Delia Garcia, FNP from Pearland Pediatrics as they share how to develop, implement, and evaluate a transition readiness program that is easily accessible, applicable, and practical at a pediatric primary care setting. Instructor(s): Jennifer Gray, MD and Delia Garcia, FNP, Pearland Pediatrics
Updates in Pediatric Coding: What’s New with CPT and ICD-10 Coding Pediatric coding expert Donelle Holle, RN is back to tell you all about the latest changes to pediatric CPT and ICD-10 coding. Donelle will review the 2019 CPT and ICD-10 changes and review what to document in each level of office visit. You’ll gain a better understanding of how to bill for visits and procedures, and learn how coding changes can help your practice stay compliant with insurance requirements as you maximize your payment. Donelle will also field your questions related to pediatric coding. So come prepared to ask questions and be ready to update your knowledge on coding for Pediatrics. Instructor(s): Donelle Holle, RN, PedsCoding, Inc.
Use Direct Secure Messaging to Improve Coordination of Care Your practice can use Direct Secure Messaging to exchange chart information with hospitals and other care providers. Join Morgan Ellixson-Boyea, one of PCC’s interoperability specialists, as she gives you a tour of this powerful tool and discusses practical applications in your office. Instructor(s): Morgan Ellixson-Boyea, CPhT, CSM
Using PCC Tools to Connect to Your Data Safely and Securely PCC is committed to doing all that we can to protect your data. We offer a number of tools that give you convenient, secure access to your data. Join PCC’s Jason DaSilva and Joey Hynson and learn about connecting to your data remotely and securely with PCC tools such as pocket PCC, SecureConnect, VPN, and RDP. Instructor(s): Jason DaSilva & Joey Hynson
What’s New with PCC EHR Reports? Discover the growing suite of PCC’s clinical reports and learn how to make the most out of the Report Library. PCC’s Dan Gillette will walk you through all of the changes PCC has made in the past year, and there will be time for questions, as well as an opportunity for you to practice using reports to view your own practice’s data as well. Instructor(s): Dan Gillette
What’s New with the Appointment Book? The Appointment Book in PCC EHR is a powerful, visual scheduler. With new features including smarter searching capabilities, provider scheduling templates, and the ability to find appointment availability by visit type, your practice may be ready to change scheduling software. Come see the latest features and enhancements and learn how to configure your schedule. Instructor(s): Lynne Gratton, CPPM
What’s Next for PCC eRx? Join PCC’s Morgan Ellixson-Boyea, CPhT, CSM and Sasha Pavlovic for a review of PCC’s eRx Roadmap for the upcoming year. In addition, come prepared for a discussion of Best Practices, hear about recent bug fixes and improvements, learn new tips & tricks, and share your own secrets for customizing this flexible and powerful solution. Instructor(s): Morgan Ellixson-Boyea, CPhT, CSM Sasha Pavlovic
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