Personal Billing Overview

PCC has a wide range of tools that help you keep your personal A/R under control. From collecting copays and generating bills, to bill follow-up and sending accounts to collections, PCC tools can make you more productive.

Collecting personal balances can be broken down into these steps:

Collect the Payment and Information at the Time of Service

There is no better time to collect a personal balance than while the patient is still in your office. Use PCC’s Patient Check-In tool to review and update demographic information and policies, review insurance eligibility, review old balances with the family, and post copays and other payments. Everything you collect while the patient is still in the building saves you time and money.

Tip: Have your families review and sign a financial policy that is annually reviewed by your billers, managers, and the owners of your practice. A good financial policy encourages families to remember that they are ultimately responsible for all of their charges.

Generate Bills

Use the bills program to generate personal bills. Whether you print and mail your paper bills in the office or send them electronically to a remote printing service, PCC includes numerous features to make your collection process more efficient. When you run your bills, you can use automatic or manual cycle billing. You can create custom messages that appear on bills of different aged receivables. You can also review and work on a list of people who need bills before generating them.

Follow Up on Outstanding Bills

At every encounter, your practice can review balances with the family during patient checkin, and go into more detail using the Payments tool. You can also use reporting tools, like The Personal Money Tracking Assistant (persview), to work down old, outstanding personal bills.

Post Payments

Patients and families can pay their bill directly in the patient portal. When you receive a check or a payment through some other method, you can post personal payments and link them to specific charges in the Payments tool in PCC EHR.

Send Accounts to Collections

Turn delinquent accounts over to collections. There are different methods for doing this in PCC, depending on whether you want to leave the outstanding balance on the patient’s account or not. You can adjust off collection charges, or you can pend the balance to the collection agency. Don’t forget to make notes in an account’s history and add appropriate status flag for reporting and tracking.

  • Last modified: November 24, 2023