Review the Bill Log

Every time you generate a batch of bills, Partner keeps a record in the Bill Log (billlog) program. You can use billlog to review details about your bill batches, find out who received a bill in each bill run, research why a family did not receive a bill, or examine a digital copy of any personal bill.

Run the Bill Log Program

You can run the bill log by pressing F8View Bill Log in the Bills program.

You can also select Bill Log from the Personal Billing window in your Partner windows, or you can type billlog at a command prompt.

View the List of Past Bill Batches

The Bill Batch Listing screen in billlog displays each billing batch your office has run since the Bill Log program was updated in 2009.

For each entry, you can see the date the bills were submitted, the user who submitted the bills, and the billing batch criteria (date, zipcode range, alphabet range, and aging categories). Note: In the example above, the user “sploof” generated bills repeatedly to test the new billing system.

Use the arrow keys to select a bill batch entry. Press F1Accounts Billed to review accounts and bills in the bill batch. Press F2Accounts Not Billed to view all accounts that did not receive a bill.

View the List of Accounts Billed

Select a bill batch in billlog and press F1Accounts Billed to view a list of accounts that received a bill in that bill run.

For each account, you can see the account name and the bill amount. You can use function keys to sort the list by last name or by total bill amount.

View a Copy of an Old Bill

While viewing a list of accounts billed in billlog, use the arrow keys to select an account and press F1View Bill to see an electronic copy of that bill.

Use the Page Down, Page Up, and arrow keys to navigate the electronic bill. The appearance of the bill on the screen will not precisely match the printed layout, but all content is otherwise identical.

View All Accounts Not Billed

Select a bill batch in billlog and press F2Accounts Not Billed to review accounts that did not receive a bill for that bill run.

For each account, you can see the account name, the account PCC number, and the reason that the account did not receive a bill.

Scroll, Send, and Search: The Accounts Not Billed list is displayed using the report display program (pless). The function keys allow you to jump to the bottom or top of the report, redirect the output to a printer, an e-mail address, or a file, or enter a search pattern.

If you are researching a problem with an account, for example, press F8Search Pattern, enter the account name, and press Enter.

  • Last modified: April 14, 2016