Help Families Resubscribe to Broadcast Emails and Opt In to Text Messages From Your Practice

When a patient or their caregiver indicates that they did not receive your latest text (SMS) message or broadcast email, you can easily determine if it is because they have opted out of communication from your practice.

Check if the Contact Method Can Receive Messages

Look up the person’s phone number or email address in PCC EHR and see if an icon appears beside it.

If you see an icon, it indicates that the contact method has been opted out of communication from your practice.

PCC EHR Does Not Contact Unsubscribed Emails and Opted-Out Phone Numbers: PCC EHR does not send broadcast messages to unsubscribed email addresses, nor does it send any kind of text message to opted-out mobile phone numbers, including broadcast messages, single text messages, and patient portal notifications.

Send a Resubscribe Email

Click the icon to learn how you can help the person opt back in to communication from your practice.

If the contact method is an email address, you can send a resubscribe email.

The recipient must open the email and click the “Opt-In” button in order to complete the process.

Once the email address has been resubscribed, the icon in PCC EHR disappears and the recipient can once again receive broadcast emails sent from PCC EHR.

Opt In a Phone Number from PCC EHR

You can help a patient or their family member opt in a mobile phone number so that it can begin receiving messages from PCC EHR again.

Look up the opted-out number in PCC EHR and click the icon that appears beside it.

The pop-up explains how the person can opt back in. They must text the word “UNSTOP” to your practice’s texting number, which is displayed in the pop-up instructions.

As soon as they do, they receive confirmation by text that they have opted back in.

The icon in PCC EHR disappears once the phone number can can receive messages again.

Where Does My Practice’s Texting Number Come From?: A text messaging number is automatically assigned to your practice by the telecommunications vendor PCC works with to provide broadcast messaging services. It is not possible to alter or customize this number.

Opt In a Phone Number from the Patient Portal

Portal users see a message in the patient portal if their phone number cannot receive portal notifications because it has been opted out. They can correct the issue by clicking the “Edit Notification Settings” button.

The button brings the user to the Edit Account page.

A message at the top of the page explains why the opted-out phone number cannot receive notifications and how to fix it. The opted-out phone number is highlighted in red at the bottom of the page.

If the user is signed into the portal on their phone, an “Opt in” button appears beside the opted-out number. When tapped, the “Opt in” button automatically composes a text message to your practice with the word “UNSTOP” in the body.

Once the person opts the phone number in, they can once again receive text messages from your practice, including portal notifications.

Portal users can find opt-in instructions in the My Kid’s Chart User’s Guide.

Opt In the Right Device: Users should only resubscribe via the “Opt in” button if they are signed in to the portal on the mobile device associated with the unsubscribed phone number.

Some Contacts Intentionally Opt Out of Text Messages: Contacts who intentionally opt out of text message communication from your practice should remove opted-out numbers from their portal notification settings.

  • Last modified: February 10, 2021