Find and Open a Patient Chart

The sections below describe the many tools for finding and opening a chart, once you have logged in to PCC EHR.

Open a Chart, Overview

Select a Patient From the Appointment List

Use the Schedule screen to find a patient you wish to review. You can use the calendar to pick a different day and use the Provider or Location drop-down menus to limit which appointments appear.

You can also find a patient on the Visit Tasks, Phone Tasks, or Signing Queue and then click “Open Chart”.

Alternative: Open a Recently Opened Chart

If you have opened a chart previously, you can start typing or use the pull-down arrow in the Find field to open a recently opened chart.

Alternative: Search for a Patient

You can find a patient by entering part of their name, their phone number, or their birthdate in the search box. Then press Enter or click “Find”.

Search Tips: You can enter a patient’s date of birth with either a 2-digit or 4-digit year (01/15/99 or 01/15/1999), and you can include slashes (/) or not (01151999). For phone numbers, enter seven or ten digits with any formatting (800-722-1082, or 8007221082). You can also search by patient PCC number by preceding a number with “pcc” or “patient”.

Double-Click on Patient Name or Select and Click “Open”

To open a chart, either double-click on the patient’s name or select them and click the “Open” button at the bottom of the screen.

Review Chart

Use the navigation buttons on the left-hand side of the screen to review sections of the chart or chart a visit.

Search for Charts

You can search for charts by name, birth date, phone number, patient PCC number, or any of the custom patient fields that your practice has assigned a search key word.


When searching by name, enter any amount of text.

You can enter a partial word, such as “Kir” for Kirstikawicz, if you are unsure of the spelling.


Enter a patient’s date of birth, with or without dashes, with either a 2-digit or a 4-digit year, to search by birthdate.

Phone Number

You can enter a 10-digit phone number with or without dashes.

Patient PCC Number

Type “pcc #”, replacing # with the patient’s PCC number, to search.

Custom Patient Fields

Enter the patient field search key word, a colon, and the search text to search by a custom patient field.

Read Configure Patient Field Searching to learn how to turn this feature on or off.

Searching: For a complete list of PCC search terms, view this page on searching in PCC EHR.

Concurrent Access

You can log in to PCC EHR from multiple computers around your office, and different users can access and add information to a patient’s chart at the same time. However, a single user can not open the same chart twice at the same time.

If you attempt to open the same chart a second time, PCC EHR will prompt you to save your changes and close the chart elsewhere, discard any changes, or cancel and leave the chart open on your other login or screen.

  • Last modified: April 6, 2017