Prescribe Medications

PCC EHR has a complete suite of tools for managing medications and prescriptions.

As you create prescriptions in PCC eRx, you can review and update patient medications, track and use a family's preferred pharmacies, review a patient's drug benefit plan and pick medications accordingly, and review alerts related to a patient's drug allergies, drug-to-drug interactions, and other circumstances. PCC eRx is endlessly customizable, and you can use powerful features like weight-based dosing and built-in dosing statements to improve your patient workflow, save time, and provide better care.

Watch and read the content below to learn more about PCC eRx and medications in PCC EHR.

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  • The Rx Queue: Alternate Prescribing Workflows

    Use the Rx Queue in PCC EHR to work with alternate prescription workflows. You can quickly respond to renewal requests, sign agent prescriptions, and finalize pending prescriptions.
  • Review and Update Medication History

    At every visit, you ask patients what medications they are on. In PCC EHR, you can quickly review and update the chart record of a patient's medications. Special medication history features and tools make prescribing faster.
  • Prescribe Medications

    Learn the basics of how to prescribe in PCC eRx, including how to handle common prescribing scenarios. Plus, get an overview of PCC eRx's many prescribing features designed with pediatrics, prescribers, and safety in mind.

Learn More

  • Allergies

    PCC EHR tracks allergies in each patient’s chart. When the chart is up-to-date, PCC EHR can automatically warn you about drug allergies as you prescribe, create lists of patients based on allergies, and display custom alerts to users whenever they work with a patient’s chart.
  • PCC eRx Component Reference

    Special tips and features of each component in the PCC eRx section of a patient's chart.
  • Work with Pharmacies

    Find and select a pharmacy while you prescribe, see where prescriptions were sent and dispensed, and manage patient pharmacies.
  • Check Prescription Pricing and Insurance Coverage While You Prescribe

    When you prepare a prescription, you can see how much it will cost out-of-pocket, whether it requires prior authorization, and if there are more cost-effective alternatives.
  • Resend a Prescription

    If a pharmacy is unable to fill your patient’s prescription, use the “Resend” button to reroute the prescription to a different pharmacy. You can also use the “Resend” button to fix mistakes on a prescription and resend it to the original pharmacy. Retracing Your Steps There are several places you can see all versions of […]