Setup, Configure and Optimize PCC eRx

Training Videos

  • PCC eRx – Set Up Staff and Clinicians

    7.5 minutes • 05-2017
    Watch this quick guide to learn how to set up staff and clinicians in your office to use the e-prescribing features in PCC EHR.
  • Optimize Drug Search in PCC eRx

    6 minutes • 11-2017
    Learn how to use custom search terms and orderable exclusions to streamline your prescribing process in PCC eRx.
  • PCC eRx Beyond the Basics

    65 minutes • 01-2022
    Learn answers to FAQs, configuration and customization options, and helpful tips for using PCC eRx, the prescription module inside PCC EHR.

Learn More

  • Set Up PCC eRx User Access

    Before a clinician or staff member can prescribe medications or modify a patient’s medication information, they must have PCC eRx enabled on their user account in PCC EHR. Follow the procedure in this article below to enable PCC eRx for providers or any staff at your practice. Configure a User’s eRx Access in PCC EHR […]
  • Create Custom Medications and Sentences in PCC eRx

    Your practice can create custom medication entries to make it easier to find and prescribe non-standard prescriptions or instructions, such as the "magic mouthwash" compound, a particular piece of medical equipment or supply, or your practice's preferred albuterol inhaler dosing.
  • Optimize PCC eRx Searches with Shortcuts and Hiding

    You can save time when you search for a drug in PCC eRx by creating search short cuts, hiding unused drugs and dosing statements, and following some best practices when you search.
  • Customize PCC eRx Alerts and Warnings

    PCC eRx is set up to be very conservative by default. As you prescribe, PCC eRx will alert you to any drug-to-drug interactions or allergy warnings, and other contraindications for the selected medication. You can adjust these alerts to meet the true needs of your practice. You can turn them down a notch, turn them […]
  • PCC eRx Prescription Favorites

    PCC eRx has the ability to keep track of the medications you most commonly prescribe as “favorites”. Selecting from a list of favorites can save you quite a bit of time as you prescribe. You can add favorites on-the-fly as you prescribe, or you can opt to allow PCC eRx to automatically adjust your list […]
  • Register for EPCS

    After a brief registration process, you can send electronic prescriptions for controlled substances (EPCS) from PCC eRx.
  • Manage Your EPCS Account and Tokens

    After registering for electronic prescribing for controlled substances (EPCS), you can manage your EPCS account and authentication tokens in the Exostar Token Management tool. Open Exostar Token Management Use the Exostar Token Management tool to add a new token to your EPCS account, remove or resync an existing token, or manage your backup phone number. […]
  • PCC eRx My Settings Reference

    Use the My Settings page to tailor PCC eRx to your personal preferences and workflows.