Review Checkin Status: Who Checked a Patient In?

When a patient is checked in, PCC records the time of check in, the user who checked them in, and the office location. You can view that information later to discover who checked a patient in.

Review Checked In Status in PCC EHR

You can see who checked a patient in PCC EHR in the Appointment Details component.

You can find that component at the top of a chart note or in Patient Check-In. So, for example, if you wanted to know who checked a patient in, you could highlight the appointment on the Schedule screen and click “Patient Check-In’. Or, you could open the visit’s chart note and look at the top of the protocol.

Review Checked In Status As You Post Charges in Partner

A biller can see who checked a patient in right in the Post Charges (checkout, chuck) program.

Run Checkout

Run the checkout program. You can run checkout from the Daily Operations window.

Select the Appointment

Use the arrow keys to select an appointment.

Press [F5 — Show Details]

Review Appointment and Checkin Information

The Detailed Appointment and Demographic Information screen shows patient information as well as the time the patient was checked in and who checked them in.

Tip: The details screen also displays useful account information. Press Page Down to see more.

Press F12 to return to the checkout appointment list.

  • Last modified: August 29, 2018