PCC’s Pediatric Coding Web Labs

Jan Blanchard, PCC’s certified pediatric coder, offers bi-monthly pediatric coding web labs to all PCC clients.

She covers how to code for both simple and unusual visit types, how to handle the differences between ICD-10 and SNOMED-CT descriptions, and how to configure PCC’s software products to best meet the coding needs of your busy office.

New PCC eRx Web Labs: Want to attend a web lab where you can learn special tips and ask questions about PCC eRx and prescribing? PCC also has PCC eRx Web Labs!

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You can review PCC’s Coding Web labs to get caught up, learn about PCC’s tools, and see pediatric coding examples.

Click below to review the presentation, video, or accompanying materials for each PCC Coding Web Lab.

DateTopicsPresentationAdditional Links and Handouts
2019March 20thAAP coding updates, PCC news, and moreslidesvideo
2019February 27th2018 coding data, appeal letters, denials, posters, slidesvideo
2018December 18thEOY Lists, AAP Coding Newsletter Highlights, and Moreslidesvideo
2018November 15th2019 CPT Updates and Moreslidesvideo
2018September 18th2019 ICD-10 and MoreslidesvideoAddendum to Tabular Section of the ICD-10 Manual
2018July 18thUC Resources, ICD-10, Vaccine Updates and MoreslidesN/A
2018May 15thNCCI, AAP Newsletter Highlights, and PCC ReleaseslidesN/A
2017December 13th2018 CPT Updates, AAP Newsletter Highlights, and PCC Releaseslidesvideo
2017November 14thYour Coding Questions, User Lists, and AAP Newsletter Highlightsslidesvideo
2017October 19thICD-10 2018 Highlights and Your Coding Questionsslidesvideo
2017September 13thCoding Questions, AAP Coding Newsletter Highlights, PCC 8.1 Releaseslidesvideo
2017August 15thICD-10 2018 Highlights and Your Coding Questionsslidesvideo
2017June 15thAnswers to Your Coding Questions and News From the AAP Coding Newsletterslidesvideo
2017May 17thAnswers to Your Coding Questions, Recent Updatesslidesvideo
2017April 18thQuarterly Coding Updates, AAP Coding Newsletter Highlights, 2017 SNOMED Updatesslidesvideo
2017March 16thYour Coding Questions and AAP Coding Newsletter Highlightsslidesvideo
2017FebruaryYour Coding Questions and AAP Coding Newsletter Highlightsslidesvideo
2017January 17th2017 RVU Changes, AAP Coding NL, Q&A, PCC Release highlightsslidesvideo
2016December 16thCPT 2017, PCC 7.6, Mapping and Your QuestionsslidesvideoSNOMED-CT to ICD-10 Manual Mapping Lists
2016November 9thPCC 7.6, ICD-10 2017 Guideline Edits, November’s AAP Coding Newsletter, and Your Questionsslidesvideo
2016October 18thPCC 7.6, NCCI Updates, Coding for Places of Service, HPCPS, and Moreslidesvideo
2016September 15th2017 ICD-10 Update and Other Newsslidesvideo
2016August 17thMonthly Coding Web Labslidesvideo
2016June 14thMonthly Coding Web Labslidesvideo
2016May 18thMonthly Coding Web Labslidesvideo
2016April 12thMonthly Coding Web Labslidesvideo
2016March 15thMonthly Coding Web Labslidesvideo
2016February 18thMonthly Coding Web Labslidesvideo
2016January 13thMonthly Coding Web Labslidesvideo
2015November 17thMonthly Coding Web Labslidesvideo
2015October 16thICD-10 Claimsslidesvideo
2015October 6thICD-10 Post-Game Web Labslidesvideo
2015September 30thICD-10 Pre-Game Web Labslidesvideo
2015SeptemberMonthly Coding Web Labslidesvideo
2015AugustICD-10 Configuration for Partnerslidesvideo
2015AugustICD-10 Configuration for PCC EHRslidesvideo
2015AugustICD-10 Coding Topicsslides(No Video Recorded)
2015JulyBilling Topicsslidesvideo
2015JuneClinical Topicsslidesvideo
2015AprilEczema and BMIslidesvideo
2015MarchBMI and Dietary Counselingslidesvideo
2015FebruaryAsthma, Imms, Flu, Well Care, Screeningsslidesvideo
2015JanuaryOM, 59 Modifier Changesslidesvideo

Other Links, Resources, and Publications

As you attend or watch one of PCC’s coding Web labs, you may hear about common coding references, web sites, or other coding resources. Here’s a list of links to coding resources that relate to the web lab content.

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