Resubmit Claims

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  • Create New Claims and Resubmit

    8.5 min • 2024-03
    When a clearinghouse fails to process and acknowledge your claims, or claims for a specific payor or date range fails, you may need to create and submit new claims for a large number of encounters. You can use PCC's under-the-hood power tool "maketags" to queue up new claims for encounters.

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  • Create New Claims and Resubmit (maketags)

    Use Resubmit Claim Forms (maketags) to find and rebatch large groups of claims based on customizable criteria.
  • Add an Attachment Code to a Claim

    If a secondary insurance requires the EOB from the primary, or any claim requires a certificate of medical necessity, discharge summary, or other clinical documentation, you can add attachment codes to a visit’s charges, generate a unique attachment ID, and specify the attachment type and method.
  • Correct a Claim: How to Fix and Resubmit an Insurance Claim

    When you receive a rejection, or you have a claim or billing problem, how do you correct the encounter information and then resubmit the corrected claim? Read this article to learn how to update and resubmit a claim.
  • Change an Encounter’s Billing Place of Service After Posting Charges

    You can adjust an encounter’s place of service when you Post Charges in PCC EHR. Sometimes you need to change the billing place of service of an encounter after the charges have already been posted. Read below to learn how to change the billing place of service of a phone note, portal message, or visit […]