eRx Playlist

Topic Video Article
Prescribe Medications Watch
(7 min)
In about 7 minutes, learn how to prescribe medications in the new PCC eRx.
Rx Queue – Alternative Prescribing Workflows Watch
(6 min)
Learn about the Rx Queue, renewal requests, and how provider agents prescribe.
Weight-Based Dosing and Other Prescribing Tools Watch
(8 min)
Learn more about how to use the dose, frequency, days supply and other features when you prescribe.
Medication History Watch
(9 min)
Quickly review and update a patient’s medications, review pharmacy history, and renew medications.
Allergies Watch
(5 min)
Learn how to record and review patient allergies and handle drug allergies as you prescribe.
Set Up PCC eRx Users Watch
(7 min)
Learn how to set up staff and clinicians in your office to use the e-prescribing features in PCC EHR.
EPCS: How to Enroll Prescribers and Prescribe Watch
(10 min)
Enroll in EPCS, perform identity proofing, and prescribe a controlled substance electronically.
PCC eRx 2017 Migration Considerations Read
Your practice’s eRx champion or PCC expert can read about all the different issues related to the eRx transition.
PCC eRx Component Reference Read
Read special tips and tricks of each component on the PCC eRx ribbon.