Share and Print Lab Results Through the Patient Portal

Your patients and families can download and print lab results from PCC’s Patient Portal, so there’s no need to upload COVID-19 and other test results manually. Portal users can access test results from their phone or computer, to print and share wherever they’re needed.

When you check “Include on Patient Reports” while ordering a lab in PCC EHR, the lab order automatically appears in the Patient Portal in the patient’s Labs section, and in the lab component of the visit itself.

The Download Lab Orders button generates a PDF file of the lab results. The PDF is very similar to the lab order details view in PCC EHR, though some minor items are changed to make the lab results clearer and easier to read.

Portal users can save the PDF to their phone or computer, or print it and have it in hand for schools, camps, and any other occasion where test results are needed.

  • Last modified: November 30, 2021