PCC’s Tools to Remind, Recall, and Contact Patients

PCC software has built in tools for contacting patients and families automatically, by form letter, phone, e-mail, or text message.

Send Batch Messages to Lists of Patients and Families

PCC EHR’s Broadcast Messaging feature can send a message via email or text (SMS) message to a list of patients generated through the Report Library.

Reports within the Report Library’s Patient Recall category each have the option of sending a message to the resulting list of patients. Select your options to build exactly the list of accounts you need, run the report, and click “Export” to send a message via text or email to everyone on the list.

For more detailed information, read the Send Batch Messages To Patients and Families article.

Send a Text Directly to a Patient or Family

Use PCC EHR’s Direct Text tool to send out a note, contact information, telemedicine link, or other short message via SMS Text to any number associated with a patient, directly from the EHR.

With a patient’s chart open, Send Text is available within PCC EHR’s Edit menu. Open the Send Text window, select a phone number from the list associated with the patient, and send a message.

For more information, see the full Direct Text article.

The Preventive Care Recall and Chronic Condition Recall Reports

The Preventive Care Recall and Chronic Condition Recall reports are the easiest, best way to recall patients in PCC EHR. They enable you to run effective recalls for preventive care as well as chronic conditions.

The Patient Recaller

The Patient Recaller (recaller) is a report that can create custom call lists, form letters, and mailing labels for your patients and families. You can create custom searches using thousands of possible criteria combinations, and the Recaller will help you contact those different groups of patients.

Use the Recaller to find the right patients and then print out physical reminders, flu shot announcements, or immunization recalls. You can also use the Recaller to do quick research and reporting on your patient populations.

You can learn more in the Patient Recaller section of this help guide.

The Patient Notification Center

The Patient Notification Center (notify) is a powerful tool for contacting patients and families. You can set up recurring or one-time notifications, and PCC will deliver messages to your patients automatically through our partnership with TeleVox (also known as Intrado), either by phone call, text message, or e-mail.

The Patient Notification Center currently supports appointment reminders, “Due for a Visit” notifications, and account balance notifications. For example, you can create a notification that automatically contacts patients three days before their appointment and tells them the date, time, location and physician (optionally) of the appointment. Or, you could create a set of criteria for physicals or other visit types and automatically remind patients to call and schedule an appointment. Finally, you can send a balance notification to all families with certain aged balances.

You can read a complete guide in the Patient Notification Center section of this help guide.

Patient Reminders in PCC EHR

PCC EHR can create reminder lists of patients based on complex criteria. You can save those criteria as Patient Reminders that you can re-run at any time, and generate a contact file.

Your office can create unique Patient Reminders that help you review and work with your patient population.

To learn more, read the Patient Reminders in PCC EHR help article.

TeleVox, VoiceGate, PhoneTree, MedBuddy and Other Contact Systems

Partner’s built in Patient Notification Center uses TeleVox and manages notifications.

However, you can also use Partner to export a list of patients manually and use the phone vendor of your choice.

Partner includes some simple programs that collect and export patient contact information. The output works for TeleVox, PhoneTree, VoiceGate and other auto-call systems.

You can learn how to export patient lists for phone vendor systems in the Other Phone Vendors section of this help guide. For help getting started, or to find out if your auto-call vendor of choice is available, contact PCC Support at 1-800-722-7708.

Form Letters

PCC can automatically generate form letters for one patient or for a list of patients.

For information about creating and editing form letters in Partner, read the Form Letters help articles.

  • Last modified: July 26, 2021