Orders Overview (Labs, Procedures, Supplies, Immunizations)

While you work with a patient, you can order labs, injections, supplies, or medical procedures. Select the appropriate items in the patient’s chart note and click “Order”. Then click “Edit” to enter details or modify tasks for that order. Later, any nurse or provider can complete the tasks and enter results, either from the Schedule queue, the Visit Tasks queue, or from within the chart.

For an overview of an entire visit’s workflow, including orders, read the Chart a Visit quickstart guide. For more detailed information about requesting, fulfilling, and canceling different kinds of orders and their tasks, read the topics in this section.

What is an “Order”?: An order is anything done for the patient. You create an order when you click “Order” for a lab, but you may also create orders for giving a handout or requesting a vision screen. Standard order types include labs, medical or surgical procedures, handouts, injections, radiology, screening, and supplies. All orders use the same kind of interface in the chart and may have one or more tasks that appear on the Visit Tasks queue.

  • Last modified: December 3, 2018