Merge Duplicate Patients and Accounts

If your office has created duplicate patients or family accounts, you may need to merge them. Merging two patients combines data and saves a single set of basic demographic information. Merging two accounts combines the account billing and charge data so that it appears all of it occurred under one account.

Do not merge accounts if a family has remarried or divorced or made other status changes. Instead, use the features in notjane to reassign guarantor and custodian information appropriately. Keep the old account in place, as it probably includes account and patient-related history that should exist on its own.

Proceed With Caution: Combining two patients or two accounts is a permanent action. Partner keeps a background log of merge activity, but recreating separate account histories later is very difficult. Only combine patients and accounts when you are certain that they were created in error.

Merging PCC EHR Chart Data?: When you merge patients in Partner 4.7 (released in January of 2011), the corresponding medical records will also merge in PCC EHR. If your office uses PCC EHR, exercise extreme caution when merging patients. Recreating individual medical records is very difficult and time-consuming.

Merge Two Patient Records Using “Movekid”

Follow the procedure below to combine two duplicate patient accounts.

Move Both Patients to the Same Family Account

Run the Patient Editor (notjane) and use the F4Reassign Account tool to move the duplicate patients so they are both on the same account, if they are not already.

Run Combine Two Patients (movekid)

You can find movekid in the Account/Patient Tools window, or you can type movekid at a command prompt.

Follow the Onscreen Instructions

The movekid program will help you find an account (by either patient or account name), choose two dependents to combine, select which demographic data to keep, and then confirm and finalize the merge.

While you work, you will see options for reviewing the patient records and for printing out a record of the merge before finishing.

Merge Two Family Accounts, Combining Billing Histories

Follow the procedure below to combine two family accounts. Be aware that merging accounts will irrevocably combine all billing history.

Run Combine Two Accounts (moveacct)

You can find moveacct in the Account/Patient Tools window, or you can type moveacct at a command prompt.

Find the Two Accounts You Wish to Merge

Starting with the account that your office created in error, find both accounts using the standard find routines.

Confirm and Finalize the Merge

Partner will ask you one last time whether or not you wish to proceed with the account merge. Answer Y or N to finish.

  • Last modified: August 3, 2015