Review EDI Reports

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  • EDI Report Glossary

    This glossary includes definitions and examples of several important EDI Reports. As always, feel free to contact PCC Support at 1-800-722-1082 if you have any questions or need help understanding EDI reports.
  • Which EDI Reports Should You Review?

    PCC, claim clearinghouses, and carriers all send EDI reports. How do you know which reports are important to review, and which reports are merely for reference purposes?
  • Introduction to EDI Reports

    Your office receives many different electronic reports related to claims or other electronic submissions. These include:
  • Read ERA 835s from Payers

    The ERA Reports program (erareports) lists remittance advice that insurance carriers sent to your office. As soon as Partner receives an electronic EOB from a carrier, it reads the file and creates "check" files, which can be viewed on the main screen in erareports.
  • Review Archived Claim and EDI Reports

    The EDI Reports (ecsreports) program stores and displays claim and transmission related messages and reports. You can quickly search, review, and print the reports, as well as track which reports you have printed in the past.