Review EDI Reports

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  • Read EDI Responses

    Your practices receives many different electronic responses to claim submissions and billing. Read this article to learn the different EDI responses, which responses require attention, and how to use PCC's tools to review and respond.

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  • Read ERA 835s from Payers

    When an insurance company sends your practice 835s, also known as ERAs or “electronic remittance advice”, you can automatically post the payments and adjustments, and then review only those claims that require manual attention. Later, you can review an archive of responses in the ERA Reports (erareports) program. Use erareports to search for remittance history for a claim, review manual reports that could not be posted, or find a remittance advice from a particular carrier.
  • Review Archived Claim Response Files and Other EDI Reports

    The EDI Reports (ecsreports) program stores and displays claim and transmission related messages and reports. You can quickly search, review, and print the reports, as well as track which reports you have printed in the past.