Front Desk Workflows

Pre-visit Front Desk Workflow

  1. Send Appointment Reminders
    1. Send Reminders Manually
      • Use the appointment book to find the visit
      • Open the patient’s chart to get the contact phone number
      • Update the appointment note with the visit confirmation
      • Reschedule as needed
    2. Use Notify to Send Reminders
      • Check notifylog
        • Open the Practice Management window
        • Arrow down to Account/Patient Communications and hit enter
        • Select Review Notification Center Reports
        • Review this link on how to check cancellations and patients not contacted
        • Delete canceled appointments (how you do this will vary based on your configuration)
        • Call patients to verify cancellations and to reschedule
  2. Review Eligibility (Instructions at:
  3. Print Visit Forms
    • These should include demographics and/or questionnaires
  4. Optional: Print your daily huddle sheet

Patient Check In Workflow

  1. Learn about the check in process:
  2. If your practice is migrating from another system, give patients a demographic form to ensure accurate demographic information
  3. Review and print necessary forms
  4. Review portal information, and add new portal user(s) if necessary. Learn about patient portal administration:
  5. Review Account Notes
  6. Review and update patient demographics
  7. Review and update policies
    1. Scan the insurance card if necessary
      • Attach the scanned card to the patient
    2. If the plan does not exist in the drop down
      • Create a new “Add New Insurance” task
      • Assign the task to the Billing Department
  8. Review eligibility
  9. Review account balances
  10. Collect copay / personal payments
    1. Swipe credit card before posting payment
    2. Use check number for last 4 digits of credit card
  11. Enter Patient’s Confidential Communication Preference for appointment reminder program
  12. Save + Check-in

Front Desk Checkout

  1. Use the forms component to print any necessary forms
  2. Schedule the patient’s next appointment
  3. Post self pay charges (Learn More: Post Charges in PCC EHR)
  4. Collect any new copays or other balances
  5. Print the Patient Visit Summary as needed

End of Day Front Desk Workflow

  1. Manage any missed appointments
  2. Verify that all visit and message tasks are completed
  3. Reconcile payments
  4. Use the Payments tool to edit payments and fix mistakes
  5. Use the Payments tool to post payments after the date of service
  • Last modified: June 2, 2023