Radiology Workflow

Ordering Radiology

  1. The provider orders radiology during a visit or phone note
  2. The provider types information about the radiology order into the Results box (eg: ICD10, reason for appointment, timeframe for appointment)
  3. The provider chooses the task type Imaging Needed and assigns the task to the nurse / MA user
  4. The nurse / MA generates the radiology form and any other needed documentation
  5. The nurse / MA tracks notes in the notes box for their task and clicks the Task Completed checkbox
  6. The nurse / MA clicks the Add Task button
  7. The nurse / MA chooses the task type Results Needed and assigns it to the Pending Radiology user

Importing Results

  1. Find the result in the Import Documents tool
  2. Attach the result to the patient, visit, and radiology order.
  3. Choose the ordering provider’s name from the Needs to be Signed by Provider drop down
  4. Save the result and close the Import Documents tool
  5. From the Schedule screen, choose the patient from the the drop down list in the patient finder to open the patient’s chart
  6. In the Outstanding Tasks component, double-click the radiology order to open it
  7. Mark the Pending Radiology task as completed
  8. The provider finds the result on Signing queue, creates a followup task if needed and clicks Sign
  • Last modified: October 13, 2020