Charge Posting Workflow

Charge Posting in PCC EHR

  1. Find an appointment with a “Ready to Post” status on the Schedule screen
  2. Click on “Ready to Post” to open the Post Charges workflow
  3. Review the visit history and patient details
  4. Click on Post Charges
  5. Adjust diagnoses and procedures if necessary
    1. Link or adjust linking of procedures to diagnoses
    2. Add modified versions of procedure codes using the drop down
    3. Add any required procedures or diagnoses on the fly, such as form fees. These will not appear on the chart note
    4. Set a primary diagnosis for each procedure in the Procedures component
    5. Adjust units, responsible party and copay if necessary
      • Selections in the Procedures component reflect what is stored in the practice management configuration (price schedules, auto adjustments, copay rules, Medicaid plans where nothing reverts to personal)
  6. Enter additional claim information
    1. Change the billing provider if necessary
    2. Add prior authorization, EPSDT, referring provider, etc. as needed
  7. Review the balance and totals
    1. Review the amount due for today’s visit
    2. Check the previous balance due (review the details the Patient Details protocol)
    3. The time of service payment posted during check in will not be reflected in the ledger until the charges are saved
  8. Enter payment information
    1. Select a payment type from the drop down. These payment types are stored in the Table Editor
    2. Fill out payment details
    3. Click Add Payment to record additional payments
    4. The ledger adjusts to reflect payments and the new balance
    5. Click Save + Post
    6. See that the visit is marked as Posted on the Schedule screen
  9. Once charges are posted, a claim is queued up. Any further adjustments (deleting charges and payments, for example) should be handled in Correct Mistakes in Practice Management
  10. Generate a receipt
    1. You can generate a receipt from the Post Charges protocol
    2. From the Schedule screen, click on the Posted billing status to reopen the protocol and print a receipt
  11. Return to an encounter at a later time to post more charges or payments
    1. If a provider updates an encounter with new charges, the billing status on the Schedule screen will read New Items
    2. Click on New Items to open the Post Charges protocol and review any new procedures and diagnoses
    3. Items that have already been posted will be checked off and greyed out
    4. Adjust the new procedures and diagnoses as necessary
  12. Post charges for hospital visits and other encounters with no appointment
    1. Use checkout in the Practice Management window
      • This will be brought into PCC EHR in an upcoming release
  13. Work with patient and encounter information while posting
    1. Review the patient details ribbon for Insurance, Demographics, etc.
    2. Research previous personal balances with the Account Balances component
      • Use the Encounters with Outstanding Personal Balances triangle to reveal details
    3. Use the Documents tab in the Patient Details protocol to view the insurance card, forms, etc.
    4. Review the patient’s visit history or optionally open the visit note for today’s appointment to view orders, notes, and other details
  • Last modified: October 14, 2020