Review the Notification Log and Canceled Appointments

Your PCC system records details whenever the Patient Notification Center prepares and sends a batch of patient notifications. If you use patient response features, PCC also logs whether the patient confirmed or canceled the appointment when they received the notification.

Use notify‘s Activity Log (notifylog) to review your practice’s log of notifications, research why a notification was not sent, review any responses to appointment notifications, and see a list of all notifications for a specific patient or family.

Press F8View Log from within the Patient Notification Center, or type notifylog at a command prompt, to view the Activity Log.

The Activity Log displays a list of every time PCC prepared and sent notifications, sorted by date. You can quickly see all of the notification batches that were sent successfully, and review how many patient notifications were sent or not sent to the TeleVox system.

Review the Log and Status Results

Use the arrow keys to select a notification and press F1Show Messages to review the status of each message inside the notification batch.

Messages are sorted into delivery categories, such as “Phone Messages” and “E-Mail Messages”.

Within each category, cancelations always appear first, at the top, followed by notifications that were delivered or have other statuses, such as “Delivered – Answered and Hung Up”.

Review Responses for a Specific Patient or Account

You can use the Patient or Account search features in notifylog to quickly find all responses for a particular family or patient. Open notify log and press F6Patient Search or F7Account Search.

After finding a patient or account, you can see all notifications and any confirmations or other responses.

If a patient doesn’t show up for an appointment, for example, you could use the search tools to see if they received or responded to a notification.

Review Notification Details

Select a notification and press F3Review Details to review the settings of the notification. If you are unsure why certain patients were or were not included in the notification, it may help to review those settings.

Automatic Cancelation

PCC can automatically cancel a patient’s appointment whenever a cancelation is received.

A question in the Patient Notification Center section of the Configuration Editor (ced) asks if you want to “Automatically mark appointments canceled when patients choose the option to cancel from their Appointment Reminder Message.”

If that question is set to “Yes”, your patients and families can use their phone or a text message to cancel their appointments. Those responses will also be displayed in notifylog. In the appointment’s history, you will see “Canceled on ##/##/## by pcc”.

Work With Cancelations

If your practice uses the old-school SAM scheduler, you can work with a list of cancelations. Select a notification and press F2Work w/ Cancels to view all cancelations that came from that notification.

You can work down the list, and press F1Inquire to jump into inquire and reschedule or revise the patient’s schedule. If your office allows patients and families to automatically cancel their appointment, you can use the list to review and confirm those cancelations.

  • Last modified: February 15, 2021