Coding and Documentation

Learn about SNOMED, ICD-10, and rules and guidelines for documenting visits. PCC offers regular coding web labs and other great coding resources.

Training Videos

  • New Patient vs Established Patient E&M Services

    10 min • 9/2016
    PCC's Jan Blanchard explains the importance of accurate documentation of established patient vs. new patient Evaluation and Management services.
  • Documenting Histories in E&M

    8 min • 10-2016
    How to document the history component of Evaluation and Management services, and how that documentation relates to coding.
  • Documenting Physical Exam in E&M

    5 min • 11-2016
    How to document the physical exam component of Evaluation and Management services, and how that documentation relates to coding.
  • Judgment Calls in E&M Leveling

    6.5 minutes • 12-2016
    Guidance about making E&M leveling judgment calls, specifically between 99213 and 99214.
  • Quiz: E&M Leveling

    3 minutes • 6-2017
    Use the information from our previous E&M videos to level a visit.

Get Started

  • PCC’s Pediatric Coding Web Labs

    Jan Blanchard, PCC’s certified pediatric coder, offers monthly coding web labs to all PCC clients. She covers how to code for both simple and unusual visit types, how to handle the differences between ICD-10 and SNOMED-CT descriptions, and how to configure PCC’s software products to best meet the coding needs of your busy office.

Learn More

  • ICD-10 Resources and Training

    On October 1, 2015, insurance payers will stop accepting ICD-9 diagnosis codes for most claims and require ICD-10. How can your practice prepare for the ICD-10 transition?
  • ICD-9, SNOMED-CT, and ICD-10 in 2014 and 2015

    In 2015, insurance payors will stop accepting ICD-9 for most claims and require ICD-10. Meanwhile, PCMH programs and Meaningful Use standards used to qualify for the ARRA programs are shifting from ICD-9 to SNOMED-CT.
  • SNOMED-CT to ICD-10 Manual Mapping Lists

    PCC has prepared a list of the most common manual mappings used by PCC practices to link SNOMED-CT diagnosis descriptions to an ICD-10 billing equivalent.