Edit Patient Insurance Policies

Your office keeps track of insurance policy information for every patient that walks through your door. Managing those insurance policies is one of the most important functions of Partner. The Insurance Policies screen (policy), available from several different Partner programs, is your one-stop screen for reviewing and changing a patient's insurance information.

Good insurance tracking means fewer billing and collection problems. Partner's Insurance Policies screen will help you quickly and accurately track insurance information for each patient. If you have any questions, concerns or suggestions, please let us know at 1-800-722-1082.

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  • Add an Insurance Policy to a Patient’s Record

    When a patient's insurance information changes, you need to add a new plan to their list of policies. You should do this before posting charges for the patient. Otherwise, the procedures may be billed to the wrong carrier or with the wrong information.
  • Copy Details From an Existing Patient Insurance Policy

    When adding a new policy, you may wish to copy insurance plan information from a recently edited policy elsewhere on the account. If you recently added or edited a policy for some other patient on the family, you can automatically import the entire plan to this patient's policy record.
  • Delete an Insurance Policy from a Patient’s Record

    Under rare circumstances, you may need to delete a policy from a patient's record. You should not delete expired policies under any circumstances. If any charges have been posted while a policy is active, you should not delete that policy, even if the charges were posted in error.
  • Edit an Existing Insurance Policy on the Patient’s Record

    You may discover a bad certificate number, or learn that a policy is in a different parent's name and not that of the guarantor account. Follow this procedure to change information about an insurance policy that is already on an account:
  • Expire a Patient’s Insurance Policy

    When you add a new insurance policy to a patient, you will usually expire an old policy. When you expire an insurance policy, you will also be given the option to expire the same policy for all patients with the same guarantor.
  • Review Log of Policy Changes

    The Policy Log (policylog) program displays a log of all changes made to a patient's insurance policy record.
  • Make a Policy Primary or Secondary

    When you post charges, Partner pends them to the active insurance policy on the patient's account. But what if the account has more than one active policy? Which policy is the account's primary insurance? Partner will send the charges to the first policy listed on this screen. Therefore, you may need to adjust the order of the account's active policies. Follow the procedure below.