Login and Review Your Practice Vitals Dashboard

Follow the procedure below to log in to your practice’s dashboard and review your benchmarks and other data.

Contact Support to Setup Your Practice’s Login

To get a Dashboard login, contact PCC support at 800-722-1082. We’ll set up your practice’s username and password for the Practice Vitals Dashboard.

Visit http://dashboard.pcc.com

Next, enter http://dashboard.pcc.com into a Web browser.

Enter Your Username and Password

Type your practice’s Practice Vitals Dashboard username and password in the upper-right corner.

If you do not know your username and password, contact your office’s System Administrator.

Review the Dashboard Home Page

The Practice Vitals Dashboard homepage summarizes your overall practice health based on fifteen measures relevant to pediatric practices.

On the left, you can see a visualization of your summary. On the right, you can review a list of priority areas.

Underneath your practice status, a Dashboard News section keeps you up-to-date on recent developments and learning opportunities.

Click on a Priority Link

Click on any of the dashboard priority measure links to view details on that dashboard measure.

You’ll see an explanation of your score, comparison charts, trends, and recommendations. From the top of each details page, you can use a new pull-down menu to navigate to any other measure.

Many measures include links to additional information, patient lists, and per-provider assessment.

Click on a Dashboard Section

In addition to reviewing specific measures, you can click on the navigation menu to view your Financial or Clinical Pulse pages or the EDI or Productivity dashboards.

The two pulse pages explain your practice’s scores and provide links to more information.

The EDI and Productivity dashboards display data in custom reports with interactive forms.

  • Last modified: August 4, 2015