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  • Patient Pre-Check-In

    Once enabled by PCC, the Patient Pre-Check-In process begins in the Patient Portal. Pre-Check-In is available seven days before the patient’s appointment, and two days prior to the appointment, the patient’s billing account will receive a Portal message that pre-check-in is available. The Patient Portal When the billing account Patient Portal user logs into PCC’s […]
  • Configure Pre-Check-In

    Select a Pre-Check-In Document Category When Pre-Check-In is enabled, a new document category called “Pre-Check-In Insurance Cards” is automatically created. By default, insurance card images are added to this category. If you already have an insurance card category, or prefer to create a category with a different name, you can manage how Insurance Card Images […]
  • Prepare for Pre-Check-In

    Your patients and families can add, confirm, and update patient, billing and insurance information through the Patient Portal, ahead of their visit through Pre-Check-In Considerations There are a few conditions that may affect your decision to begin using Pre-Check-In in its current version: Pre-Check-In needs to be completed individually for each patient, so accounts with […]