Create a Phone Note

When the phone rings, follow this procedure to enter a new phone note in a patient’s chart and (optionally) create a follow-up phone note task.

Create a New Phone Note

Find the Patient

First, locate the patient in your records. Type the name in the Find field and click “Find”.

You can also search by chart number, birth date, or find a patient by reviewing the Schedule screen and opening their chart.

Note: If the patient or family has never contacted your practice before, you will need to create a new account and patient in Partner.

Click “Add Phone Note”

In the lower-right hand corner of the Find results, click the “Add Phone Note” button to begin a new phone note.

Note: If you have opened a chart, you can click “Add Phone Note” underneath the chart navigation buttons or on the Medical Summary screen.

Enter Contact Information, Call Details

Enter the name and call-back information for the caller. Note that PCC EHR tracks each patient’s contact information, so previous information for this patient may be available in the pull-down menus.

AutoFill: As you begin typing the contact name, phone number, or other information, PCC EHR will show you options from the patient’s records. Use the arrow keys to select an option from the menu, and then press Enter.

Requires Doctor Review and Signature?: If this phone note requires a provider review and signature, indicate the provider in the field on the right.

Enter Phone Note Text

Type call details into the Phone Note box.

Enter a Subject

Type an overview or summary of the call into the Subject field. The subject appears on the Phone Tasks queue and in the patient’s Visit History index. A good subject makes it easier to track down notes from an old call.

Optional: Create Task

If the family or patient needs a callback, an appointment, a prescription, or some other work, you can create a phone note task underneath the note’s text.

Enter the task, the assignee, and any relevant notes in the fields provided. You can use the “Task Completed” line to track when, and by whom, the task was completed.

More than One Task?: Sometimes a patient will need a lab result, a callback from a provider, and/or a new appointment. As soon as you create a phone note task, a new blank task box will appear below the existing one. You can create multiple tasks for a single phone note, if needed. Any user can open the phone note and add additional tasks later.

Complete the Task Right Away: Phone note tasks are a good way to record any work done. You may create a task and complete it yourself, while still on the phone with the patient.

For more information about phone notes, read “Review Patient Phone Note History”

Delete a Phone Note

If you start to create a phone note by mistake, you can close the patient’s chart and elect not to save your changes. The phone note will not be added to the patient’s records.

If a phone note has already been saved, and is part of the patient’s record in the Visit History, users with the correct administration privileges can open it from the Visit History and then delete it from the Edit menu.

  • Last modified: October 2, 2018