Schedule a Walk-In or “Add-On” Patient Visit

Follow the procedure below to create a visit for a patient in PCC EHR.

Enter the Patient’s Name and Click “Find” or Press Enter

Type the Patient’s name in the Find search box at the top of the screen. Press Enter or click “Find” to perform the search.

You can also search by phone number, chart number, and birth date. You can even set up custom search values.

Double-Click on the Patient Name

From the search results, choose a patient and double-click on their name.

Click “Create Visit”

If the patient already has a visit today, the chart note navigation buttons will appear. Otherwise, click “Create Visit”.

Enter Visit Details and Click Save

Choose an appointment time, visit reason, clinician, and location. The default time will be entered when you click “Create Visit”.

Begin Charting

A chart note for the visit will open immediately, and you can begin charting.

Process the Appointment in Partner, Other Options

The new appointment will appear in the Partner Patient Checkin (checkin) program. Your staff can use the checkin tool to check insurance eligibility, confirm demographic information, or perform other functions.

Delete Appointments: You can use the inquire program, available from the checkin appointment list or sam, to delete appointments created in PCC EHR. Note that if an appointment is charted, the record will remain in the Visit History even if you delete the appointment from the Schedule. (Deleting a scheduled appointment will not delete any part of a patient’s medical record.)

Note: After you create a walk-in appointment for a patient, you may review their chart, begin charting the visit, or return to the Schedule screen. The patient’s new appointment will be waiting on the Schedule when you are ready to see the patient.

  • Last modified: August 26, 2016