Partner User Administration

Your practice’s System Administrator can use the User Administration (useradmin) program to create new accounts and grant or deny access to Partner features.

Use the useradmin program to manage login accounts, add or lock out individuals from Partner, or reset forgotten passwords.

Security: You can use useradmin to help enforce the security guidelines of your practice, but there are a number of “best practices” that your office should also consider:

  • Encourage users to keep their passwords to themselves.

  • Have your staff change their password periodically.

  • Lock out former staff members from the system as soon as possible. Inform PCC when you do this, especially if the staff member has a home connection to your server.

  • Train your staff to log out of their workstation when they are finished. Do not allow several users to share the same login window.

  • Last modified: August 3, 2015