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Recent PCC Software Releases

Your Next PCC Release: The PCC 7.6 Beta Release is currently released to a small set of offices. The PCC 8.0 release will arrive in May and June of 2017. Check this page for release documentation, or read the News feed right inside PCC EHR.

  • PCC 8.0 Release
    In May and June of 2017, PCC will release version 8.0 of our electronic charting and practice management software to all PCC users. The PCC 8.0 includes all-new prescription and medication tracking features in PCC EHR, vaccine inventory tracking, chart note availability in pocketPCC, sending images through the patient portal...
  • PCC 8.0 Migration Considerations
    The PCC 8.0 release includes new features that may need extra planning, training, or configuration. Read below to learn more, and share relevant details with your physicians and staff.
  • PCC eRx 2017 Migration Considerations
    The new PCC eRx is going to improve your practice’s prescribing workflow and save you hundreds of hours. However, learning a new tool takes time! This article includes training tips and important migration and implementation considerations.
  • PCC 7.6 Beta Release
    In 2017, PCC will have a special beta release, version 7.6 of our charting and practice management software. PCC 7.6 includes all-new prescriptions and medication tracking features in PCC EHR. Thanks to all the offices that are helping us perfect this new functionality.
  • PCC 7.5 Release Video (2 min overview, 31 min total • 09-2016)
    Watch this video to learn about all the new and updated features in PCC 7.5
  • PCC 7.5 Release
    In September of 2016, PCC will release version 7.5 of our charting and practice management software to all PCC users. PCC 7.5 includes new customization features for visit statuses that will improve your office workflow, new privacy features for sensitive diagnoses, a new document viewer, billing feature enhancements in Partner, and new telemedicine functionality in the patient portal and pocketPCC.

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