Recent PCC Software Releases

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Your Next PCC Release: PCC 8.3 arrived in February of 2018, and PCC 8.4 arrives in May. Release documentation will appear on this page, or you can read the News feed right inside PCC EHR.

  • PCC 8.3 Release Video (18 minutes • 02-2018)
    This video covers new features in PCC 8.3, including barcode scanning, school and form letter generation, Direct Secure Messaging PDF support, improved searching, and more.
  • PCC 8.3 Migration Considerations
    The PCC 8.3 release includes new features that may need extra planning, training, or configuration. Read below to learn more, and share relevant details with your physicians and staff.
  • PCC 8.3 Release
    The PCC 8.3 (02-2018) release includes form letters in PCC EHR, diagnosis searching improvements, multi-location support in the PCC EHR Appointment Book, and immunization barcode support for the Lot Manager.
  • PCC 8.2 Release Video (9 minutes • 12-2017)
    Watch this video to learn about new features in PCC EHR 8.2. PCC EHR 8.2 is being released to users of the EHR appointment book only. More info at:
  • PCC 8.2: Appointment Book Means Faster, Easier Scheduling
    In January of 2018, PCC will release a special "Appointment Book" version of our electronic charting and practice management software.
  • PCC eRx Update Log
    In 2017, PCC released the all-new PCC eRx. Since that time, PCC has rolled out dozens of updates, medication adjustments, and fixes to bugs that you helped us find.

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New and Updated Topics

  • Generate Forms Letters in PCC EHR
    The chart-wide Forms component gives you access to all Partner patient forms from within PCC EHR. Generate a Form When you click “Generate” or select a form from the drop-down, a pop-up appears prompting for any required information. If there is no additional information required, this step is skipped. Next, PCC EHR opens the Document […]
  • Review a Patient’s Chart in pocketPCC
    Review a patient's chart in pocketPCC. View a patient’s Medical Summary, Demographics, Immunization History, Visit History and Documents.
  • Use a Barcode Scanner to Manage Immunization Lot Inventory
    You can use a barcode scanner to manage your vaccine inventory in PCC EHR. Plan and Prepare How do you get started implementing barcode scanning for immunization inventory at your practice? Where Are Your Imms? When Do You Enter Your Lots Into Inventory? First, evaluate how you currently store and load in immunization inventory. Are […]
  • Pair a Bluetooth Barcode Scanner with your Computer
    Read below to learn how to pair a CS4070 Bluetooth scanner to your Windows or Macintosh computer. You can use a barcode scanner to manage your vaccine inventory in PCC EHR.
  • Optimize Your PCC EHR Experience (7.5 minutes • 01-2018)
    A collection of easy yet powerful tips to help you streamline your workflow with PCC EHR.
  • Video: Configure the Appointment Book (6 minutes • 01-2018)
    Learn how to configure the Appointment Book in PCC EHR to set regular hours, custom hours, default visit lengths, and more.
  • Video: Schedule with the Appointment Book (4 minutes • 01-2018)
    Learn how to Use the Appointment Book in PCC EHR to schedule patients.
  • Meet Ohio Prescription Verification and Indication Requirements in PCC eRx
    Ohio requires two-factor identification or signature verification of all prescriptions. As of 2018, Ohio also requires that indications appear on prescriptions for opiates. Later this year, the requirement for indications will extend to all controlled substances. Read below to learn more about how to meet Ohio’s unique prescription requirements in PCC eRx in PCC EHR. […]
  • Configure the Appointment Book
    Learn how to configure providers for scheduling, set up regular and standard hours, and control user permissions in the Appointment Book in PCC EHR.
  • Optimize Drug Search in PCC eRx (6 minutes • 11-2017)
    Learn how to use custom search terms and orderable exclusions to streamline your prescribing process in PCC eRx.