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Recent PCC Software Releases

Your Next PCC Release: PCC 8.3 will arrive in February of 2018. Release documentation will appear on this page, or you can read the News feed right inside PCC EHR.

  • PCC 8.3 Release Video (18 minutes • 02-2018)
    This video covers new features in PCC 8.3, including barcode scanning, school and form letter generation, Direct Secure Messaging PDF support, improved searching, and more.
  • PCC 8.3 Migration Considerations
    The PCC 8.3 release includes new features that may need extra planning, training, or configuration. Read below to learn more, and share relevant details with your physicians and staff.
  • PCC 8.3 Release
    The PCC 8.3 (02-2018) release includes form letters in PCC EHR, diagnosis searching improvements, multi-location support in the PCC EHR Appointment Book, and immunization barcode support for the Lot Manager.
  • PCC 8.2 Release Video (9 minutes • 12-2017)
    Watch this video to learn about new features in PCC EHR 8.2. PCC EHR 8.2 is being released to users of the EHR appointment book only. More info at: http://learn.pcc.com/help/pcc-8-2-release/
  • PCC 8.2: Appointment Book Means Faster, Easier Scheduling
    In January of 2018, PCC will release a special "Appointment Book" version of our electronic charting and practice management software.
  • PCC eRx Update Log
    In 2017, PCC released the all-new PCC eRx. Since that time, PCC has rolled out dozens of updates, medication adjustments, and fixes to bugs that you helped us find.

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New and Updated Topics

  • Add pocketPCC to Your Home Screen
    Follow the instructions in this article to add a pocketPCC app-style icon to your mobile device.
  • Get Started in pocketPCC
    With pocketPCC, you can use any web browser or mobile device to review your daily schedule, look at a patient’s medical summary or demographic information, and create phone notes. Read the procedure below to log in and get started.
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  • Best Practices Workflow for Outbound Lab Orders
    PCC recommends that your practice follow the procedures outlined below when working with outbound lab orders.
  • Eliminate Lost Billing Revenue with Visits by Billing Status Report
    Use the Visits by Billing Status report to find visits that were lost in your billing workflow. Your practice faces two large obstacles to revenue cycle when it comes to billing. The provider needs to apply billing codes to the visit, and the billing department needs to post the charges. It is easy for a disconnect to […]
  • PCC eRx – Set Up Staff and Clinicians (7.5 minutes • 5-2017)
    Watch this quick guide to learn how to set up staff and clinicians in your office to use the e-prescribing features in PCC EHR.