Confidential Notes and Other Confidential Fields

Use the Confidential Information section on the Medical Summary screen to note private patient issues that should be hidden during casual chart review.

Click the expanding triangle to review confidential information.

Click “Edit” to make changes.

Access Log: PCC EHR logs every time a user accesses or edits a patient’s Confidential Notes. This information is kept in the database, so if you need a log of every user who has reviewed a patient’s confidential notes, contact PCC Support.

No Saved Notes, Modification Date: You will see the “No Saved Notes” text next to the section header if the section is blank. If any notes have been entered, you will see the “Modified” date, letting you know that there is confidential information stored in the field and when it was last edited.

Other Confidential Fields: The confidential toggle arrow is an option for any Medical Summary note field. You can turn on the confidential feature using the Medical Summary Builder inside the Protocol Configuration tool in the Tools menu.

Confidential Notes are Not Patient-Facing: Information stored in the Confidential Notes component will not print out on any reports, including the Health Information Summary, Patient Visit Summary, or the Summary of Care Record. It will not appear anywhere in the patient portal.

For more information about patient privacy and making certain items confidential, read the Patient Privacy Features article.

  • Last modified: March 29, 2019