PCC 10.0 Migration Considerations

The PCC 10.0 release includes new features that may need configuration and for which you may want to do extra planning or training. Read below to learn more, and share relevant details with your physicians and staff.

Read the PCC 10.0 Release article for complete details on these features.

Contact PCC Support for help implementing features in PCC 10.0.

Set Chart Export Permissions

The Chart Export tool in PCC 10.0 makes it easy to export sensitive information that could harm patients, their family members, and your practice if shared inappropriately. As a result, it is protected by a new permission.

Nobody at your practice will receive the Chart Export permission with the PCC 10.0 update. An authorized user at your practice must enable this permission for the appropriate user roles – or create a new role – before anyone can start using the new tool.

To learn more about user roles and permissions, read Set User Roles for Permissions and Security.

Add, Move, or Remove the Insurance Eligibility Component

After your PCC 10.0 update, your practice may want to move the Insurance Eligibility component on your Patient Details protocol and/or add the component to other screens in PCC EHR.

The PCC 10.0 update automatically adds the Insurance Eligibility component to the top of your Patient Details window.

You can use the Protocols Configuration tool to move the component down to a new location in the window, remove the component, or add the same component to the Demographics section of the patients chart or other locations.

The Insurance Eligibility component acts differently depending on where it appears. It requests eligibility information for today’s date when it is not associated with an encounter. When the component appears in Patient Check-In or a chart note, for example, it uses the date of the encounter.

Adjust Permissions for Claim Configuration and Working with ERAs

Your practice can control which users have access to new claim configuration options and ERA processing.

Your PCC 10.0 update will automatically grant access to ERA processing and ERA deletion to your practice’s administrative users. No users will be granted the ability to edit your practice’s claim delay. After your PCC 10.0 update, you can review these settings and grant appropriate users permission. Read Set User Roles for Permissions and Security to learn how.

Review Your “No Show” Workflow and Billing Procedures

The latest update to SNOMED-CT deprecates some common “missing a visit” descriptions: “Did not attend” and “DNA – Did not attend outpatient appointment” are no longer part of SNOMED-CT. Some pediatric practices use diagnoses to signal to the biller that the patient did not show up for the encounter. If your practice relied on those descriptions in the chart note to record no-shows, you may need to revisit your practice’s “no show” workflow.

Your practice can use PCC’s tools in various ways to record when a patient misses an appointment. For example, your front desk can mark appointments as missed and your biller can later use the Report Library to list all no shows and create administrative encounters to bill a fee. Reach out to PCC Support or the PCC Community to discuss options.

  • Last modified: May 17, 2024