C-CDA Batch Export Tool

The C-CDA Batch Export tool can export Summary of Care C-CDA files for all patients who had a charted visit in PCC EHR within a specified date range.

When Would You Use This Tool?: PCC can provide your practice with a better data export than provided by the C-CDA Batch Export tool, and you can create a single C-CDA for a single patient with the Summary of Care Record report. However, your practice may need to use the C-CDA Batch Export tool to illustrate data portability in the event of an audit by your state’s executors of the ARRA EHR Medicaid Incentive Program.

What Is C-CDA, and What Is Included in This Export?: The C-CDA Batch Export tool creates a zipped file containing Summary of Care records in C-CDA format. These files match the Meaningful Use Stage 2 criteria for a transition of care, specified as 170.314(b) of the Consolidated-Clinical Document Architecture. For more information, contact PCC Support.

Open the C-CDA Batch Export Tool

To export a batch of C-CDA files, run the C-CDA Batch Export Tool from the the Tools menu.

Turn On the Tool: If you do not see the C-CDA Batch Export tool in your tools menu, you can add it to a user role in the User Administration tool.

Choose a Date Range

Next, enter a date range for patient appointments, and click “Export”. PCC EHR will collect the information and package it into a zip file of C-CDA formatted files.

It takes several seconds to produce each C-CDA, so running a large record set for many patients will take some time.

Choose a Save Location

Your computer will prompt you to save the zipped C-CDA files locally to your workstation.

PHI: The C-CDA files include private health information. When you create and save this export to your personal computer, you are taking responsibility for their safe distribution. Delete these files when you are finished.

Contact PCC Support Instead: The C-CDA Batch Export Tool should never be needed for data export. If you need to export large sets of patient data from PCC EHR, PCC can instead provide a complete data export.

  • Last modified: February 15, 2016