Less-Common Payments

Open the Holding Account

Open your practice’s holding patient account named for the type of payment you need to post.

Your practice can set up holding accounts named for different kinds of payments and optionally include the name of a specific insurance group.

Navigate to the Billing History

Click on the History chart navigation button and then click Billing History.

Click Create Encounter

You can use the “Create Encounter” feature to record many different types of financial transactions, such as any fee not associated with an encounter or the less-common types of income described above.

Select a Provider and Optionally Update the Place of Service or Date

Select a provider for the administrative encounter. According to your practice’s accounting practices, you may also need to adjust the place of service or date of service.

Select the Appropriate Adjustment Procedure and Enter an Amount

What is the payment for? In the Procedures section, find the adjustment procedure (such as “Insurance Interest”) that will offset the payment you received. Enter the amount of the payment as the “Price” of this adjustment.

Self Pay: Whenever you enter an adjustment procedure to offset these types of payments on a holding account, you post the procedure as “Self Pay”. Self Pay will be selected by default.

Enter Payment Details

In the Payments section, select the Payment Type (such as “Insurance Interest”), and enter the amount and check number. The full amount of the payment should be applied to “today’s visit”.

Click Save + Post

Click “Save + Post” to record the adjustment procedure and payment on the holding account.

You can review what was posted on the Billing History and use the Billing History Index to review all payments posted to the account.