Chart Note Configuration Introduction

You can use PCC EHR’s Protocol Configuration Tool to create and edit custom chart notes, phone notes, and order follow-up notes in PCC EHR.

  • First, you can design and edit components, or the “building blocks” for a chart note, in the Component Builder.
  • Next, you can use the Protocol Builder to assemble those components into protocols and configure their onscreen behavior.
  • Finally, the Protocol Map controls which protocols will be used to generate chart notes for provider visits.

Good custom protocols lead to faster and more efficient charting and result in more consistent care for patients. PCC Software Support can train you on the PCC EHR Protocol Configuration Tool and provide ongoing support as your providers adapt PCC EHR to their workflow.

Check Out Awesome Examples: PCC hosts a web site displaying protocols created by pediatric practices around the country. You can review these award-winning chart notes at