Autopost Procedure

Open the Electronic Remittance Advice Tool

Open the ERA tool from the Tools menu.

Select an ERA

Click on an any unprocessed ERA in the list. You can sort by a column, search, or use the Status filter at the bottom of the window to find unprocessed ERAs.

Click “Process”

Click “Process” to process the ERA and post all payments and adjustments that can be posted automatically.

Review Results and Exceptions

Review your processed ERA and identify any situation that may require an appeal or other action. For example, the ERA may include denials, adjustments that cover 100% of a charged amount, and exceptions.

The Autopost Processing Summary section provides totals, payor processing status, and exception information. For most ERAs, there will be no (0) exceptions, as shown above. However, there may be items that PCC EHR could not post automatically.

Most exceptions require your review and attention, and you may also need to take action to address denials and some adjustments.

Optional: Filter the ERA to Specific Encounters

To work on exceptions or specific payor responses, you can use the filters at the bottom of the screen to change which encounters appear.

Use the Display filter to view encounters with an exception.

Use the Exceptions filter to view encounters that have specific exceptions.

Use the Payor Processing Status filter to view encounters with specific statuses, such as Reversals or Denials.

Edit and Post Additional Responses Manually

As you review the details on an ERA, you can use the Insurance Payments tool to post and edit insurance payments.

The Insurance Payments tool includes one or more History tabs where you can review the complete history of payments for an account, edit payments and adjustments, reverse payments, and more.

Review Processed ERAs Later

You can return to the ERA tool at any time to review processed ERAs.

Use the Status filter to display processed ERAs.

Double-click on a processed ERA to review processing details. For more information, see Read ERA 835s from Payors.